News to know: Gmail flaw; Leopard; DEMO

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Hackers expose holes in Gmail, search appliance.Trojan attack targets top executives.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Hackers expose holes in Gmail, search appliance.

David Morgenstern: User group night: Backup, Leopard and productivity rule. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The question is not whether it's legal to unlock the iPhone ...FAQ: Is Apple planning to iBrick unlocked iPhones? TUAW: "iPhone Dev Team" issues stat

ement. iPhone diary. Matthew Miller: iPhone Dev Team responds to Apple.

Dan Farber: CoComment and Relevant Mind: Tracking the wisdom of the conversation. Fusion-io: An enterprise SAN in your hand. More DemoFall 07 coverage.

Caltech's spin on DARPA's robot race. Gallery (above right).

Blognation UK: Facebook IM Client Coming Soon. Boomtown: 15 billion more reasons to worry about Facebook.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft extends Windows Media content to TVs, DVD players. What else does Microsoft have up its document-management sleeve? Microsoft pushes out first Windows Home Server update.

David Berlind's Tech Shakedown #8: Maybe system freezes & cold reboots make smartphones too PC-like.

Russell Shaw: Reports: another BlackBerry email slowdown.

Michael Krigsman: Bizarre ERP implementation experiment at Arizona State. Joe McKendrick: Four SOA myths: Web services, technology, costs, and registry.

Photos: Caves, water evidence found on Mars

Paula Rooney: Revised WinXP policy jolts Linux desktop prospects. Dana Blankenhorn: How worried should Microsoft be about open source

Larry Dignan: Red Hat's second quarter on target.

Dana Blankenhorn: Nanotech is approaching the human body. Roland Piquepaille: Filming nanotubes in

side living animals

Steve O'Hear: Could Twitter become the ultimate buzz tracker?

Ryan Stewart: Curl releasing report on rich Internet application platforms. Gallery of results (right).

Vonage: The patent pain continues. Russell Shaw: Vonage: "we'll appeal"

Report: DVD format war to run another 18 months.

Amazon launches DRM-free MP3 store. Ed Burnette: Amazon launches DRM-free iTunes killer. Techmeme.

Citywide Wi-Fi isn't dead yet.

Heather Clancy: RFID redux? Walmart to scrutinize the energy used to create the products it sells. Sun encourages companies to fess up, publicly, about their greenhouse emissions.


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