News to know: Microsoft interoperability; Bypassing FileVault; Woz; Black Hat; More benchmarks

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft pledges interoperability--againReading the fine print on Microsoft’s new open-source promisesLarry Dignan: Microsoft’s real game: Open interoperability protects its stackDana Gardner: Microsoft on open APIs: New tune or blowing more smoke?Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft responds to European demands with “Good Steve” dayJohn Carroll: Countering the Microsoft cynicsDennis Howlett: Can we cut Microsoft some slack here?

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft pledges interoperability--again

Nate McFeters: Black Hat, Day 2: DTrace, (un)Smashing the Stack, Cisco IOS Forensics

Images: How to bypass FileVault, BitLocker security (right)

George Ou: Cryogenically frozen RAM bypasses all disk encryption methods

Jason Hiner: Sprint will make Xohm an open platform. Sprint plans to open up WiMAX, launch SDK, open APIs. Techmeme.

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 22: Argh! Recessed headphone jack

Knowledge@Wharton: Steve Wozniak on Apple, Steve Jobs and the value of a good prank

David Morgenstern: Will the MacBook Air ruin the MacBook Pro?

MacBook Air: Motion sensor 'bizarrely' enabled with solid-state disk option

Phil Wainewright: Rackspace, as a service

Michael Krigsman: System update kicks Heathrow baggage system offline

Ed Bott: Microsoft removes another one of WGA's fangs

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft SkyDrive no longer just a beta

Former Softie Maritz to head cloud computing at EMC

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vista 32-bit vs. Vista 64-bit - Benchmarked

Dana Blankenhorn: Sun's OpenSolaris community problem

AP: Intuit reaffirms 2008 guidance

Harry Fuller: Off the grid: energy independence in the real world

Roland Piquepaille: 3-D imaging with FINCH

Russell Shaw: T-Mobile Talk Forever VoIP? Too early to tell. Matthew Miller: T-Mobile announces new Talk Forever service for Seattle and Dallas, no home phone now needed

Ed Gottsman: Wikinomics 5: The New Alexandrians

James Farrar: McKinsey and PwC On How Companies Think About Sustainability Management: All Hat, No Cattle

Bits: Chumby is open, just not for business

IBM calculates the force it takes to move atoms

RIM ups its subscriber tally

Photos: Missile shoots down falling satellite (right)

Josh Taylor: What format war? Just convert your HD DVDs to Blu-ray

Dana Gardner: Informatica offers Data Migration Suite; Wipro to leverage its power

Ed Burnette: Android developers fight for XMPP support

Missile strikes ailing U.S. spy satellite

Russell Shaw: New Apple Patent app describes technology for personalized podcasts to iPhone, other devices

Netscape 9 users: Time to Flock or Firefox?

Reuters: Motorola names new CFO

Virgin Galactic orders more spaceships

Microsoft: Vista SP1 will break these programs

Q&A: 100-plus WiiWare titles in development

Will you trust your medical information to Google?


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