News to know: Oracle, RIM, Palm; Cisco, Facebook

Oracle, RIM, Palm and Cisco lead today's headliners.

Here are today's headlines.

Larry Dignan: Oracle: Delivers strong quarter; Outlines plans for Sun

Ryan Naraine: Cisco patches critical WebEx security holes

Oliver Marks: Facebook: The Legal Rumblings Start...

CNet News: Windows 7 leaving Redmond's help desk less busy

Smart Planet: In Antarctica, searching for neutrinos and scientific inspiration

TechRepublic: The 2010 IT budget balancing act

Dion Hinchcliffe: Enterprise 2.0: The 2009 year in review

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft in 2009: It was all about Windows

Michael Krigsman: User adoption: Killer app for SOA and Enterprise 2.0

Diaz; New tools to make Android development easier; Apple could take a lesson

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Mozilla: The "the web will win" over app stores

Brian Sommer: AT&T, iPhone, Data Limits: Will Data Offset Trades Be Next?

Sean Portnoy: RealD's 3D technology coming to Sony Bravia HDTVs, PS3's Blu-ray player

Computerworld: Shuttleworth steps down as Ubuntu CEO

Heather Clancy: Report explores trends in software for managing emissions and carbon trading activities

Sam Diaz: Brokeback lawsuit: Netflix accused of violating privacy, releasing rental records

John Morris: Placing odds on a Google netbook, smartbooks at CES

A short history of Mac clones (gallery)

Jason Hiner: Will Google become a hardware company in 2010?

Ed Bott: Is it time for Apple to face an antitrust investigation?

Matthew Miller: First 1GHz Snapdragon WM device in US comes as AT&T's $200 LG eXpo

Facebook's audience is diverse (and ready to be carved up for advertisers)

Mary Jo Foley: Novell finalizes Moonlight 2; offers broader distribution terms

Gizmodo: AT&T Has Spent Less on Network Construction Every Quarter Since the iPhone's Launch

Paula Rooney: Open source browsers put pressure on IE in 2009

Dana Blankenhorn: Ignorance no excuse for GPL violations

Silicon Alley Insider: JooJoo/CrunchPad Company Responds To Mike Arrington's Lawsuit

Doug Hanchard: Top 10 Polls taken in 2009 - Moderate is the theme

9 fun things to do with your GPS device

Google Earth: Coming to an Audi A8 near you

BlackBerry users hit by outage

IDC: Global PC market to grow at double-digit clip through 2013

Andrew Nusca: Sony partners with News Corp. to offer WSJ, NY Post, MarketWatch on e-readers

Zack Whittaker: Microsoft develops image DNA technology for fighting child porn

Jason O'Grady: Episode 121: PowerPage Podcast

Chumby One teardown

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Fake Steve Jobs in pointless call to arms against AT&T

Android Phone Fans: Kaspersky: Beware Malicious Android Programs In 2010

Dana Gardner: Executive interview: HP's Robin Purohit on how CIOs can contain IT costs while spurring innovation payoffs

Video walk through the Zune HD Twitter app


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