News to know: Oracle's Q4; Bill Gates' last day; Sticking with XP

Notable headlines: Mary Jo Foley: Yahoo silent on latest rumors of renewed Microsoft talksDennis Howlett: Oracle's Q4 results analysisRightScale cloud management extends to MySQLBill Gates: Hits and misses [Video]More Video: Bill Gates' last day Mary Jo Foley: Do you need to be a programmer to run a software company?

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Yahoo silent on latest rumors of renewed Microsoft talks

Dennis Howlett: Oracle's Q4 results analysis

Bill Gates: Hits and misses [Video]

More Video: Bill Gates' last day

Ed Burnette: Eclipse 2008 release train arrives at Ganymede

Dana Blankenhorn: The Firefox phone

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Mozilla's Download Day - One week on

Robin Harris: Microsoft's multicore strategy

Jason Perlow: I'm sticking with Windows XP

Dennis Howlett: Utterz changes put it into enterprise land

Jennifer Leggio: FriendFeed is not a killer, says co-founder

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology is ready to roll

Nokia and Google: Too much emphasis on the mobile OS?

Paul Murphy: All the things Sun Ray won't do

Parallels and Quest - a different approach to desktop virtualization

Photos: Raising a glass to the science of bourbon [below]

Dana Blankenhorn: One open source interface to rule them

Suppli: iPhone 3G costs about $173 to build

How to avoid receiving a $837.20 iPhone bill

John Carroll: America's blocked labor policies

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Cheat high tech cheaters

Ryan Naraine: Yahoo swats serious cross-site scripting bug

Nathan McFeters: Russian hackers planning attacks against Baltic countries and Ukraine

Roland Piquepaille: Using your face for remote control

Dana Gardner: Progress to buy IONA in another SOA infrastructure vendor mashup

Google launches new iGoogle and artist themes

Gmail takes on Australian Ed

ICANN to OK custom TLDs

Matthew Miller: Nokia rolls out over-the-air firmware updates with the N78 release

Lack of RFID standards leads to media panic

The march of Progress: another SOA mega-deal

Heather Clancy: New reports try to demystify the "low carbon IT" equation

Global warming is a security issue say American spies

Play with gadgets in private using $100K isolation chamber

Hey, kids! IT isn't boring!

Introduction to dynamic documents

Shaolin temple kick starts online store


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