News to know: Palin's email hacked; Seinfeld-Microsoft; Tech meltdown; Visual Studio

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Ryan Naraine: Sarah Palin's Yahoo account hijacked, e-mails posted onlineAdam O'Donnell: Don't be the next Sarah Palin (security victim, not VP candidate)Wikileaks: Sarah Palin Yahoo inbox 2008Dancho Danchev: Targeted malware attack against U.

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Ryan Naraine: Sarah Palin's Yahoo account hijacked, e-mails posted online

Sam Diaz: Microsoft pulls the plug on Gates-Seinfeld ads; Campaign's next phase set to begin. TechmemeDennis Howlett: Opportunities in the impending tech fallout

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3.1 beta cycle pushed back to pack in more features

Sam Diaz: Google takes Street View mobile; no creepier than desktop version. Techmeme

Ed Bott: Apple, not Gear, deserves the blame for iTunes crashes

Roland Piquepaille: Multi-touch smart desks in the classroom

Mary Jo Foley: What's next for Microsoft's Visual Studio

Zack Whittaker: What Microsoft gives you for free

Paul Miller: Powerset is making Microsoft Live Search better...

Jason O'Grady: Stuffit Deluxe turns 20

Paul Murphy: An open response to a Jonathan Schwartz blog

Engadget: Mysterious new 4GB iPod nano 4Gs begin appearing on store shelves

AppleInsider: Apple's North American notebook share jumps 60 percent

LA Times Blog: More than 20 million homes have cut the cord on landline phones

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: A quick look at the Cray CX1

Jason Hiner: VMware enlists Cisco to help supercharge virtualization

Larry Dignan: DHS still doesn't quite get this cybersecurity thing

Michael Krigsman: IT failure: The definition game

Matthew Miller: Review: Electric Pocket's PhoneFace, Ringo, & FlipSide for BlackBerry devices

Dana Blankenhorn: Google is the new Microsoft

TechCrunch: Yahoo's All New Home Page A Mix Of Old And Leaked: Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pre-Launch Details!

OLPC faces 'vicious' rivalry in laptop market

Christopher Dawson: I guess Vista isn't so bad

Heather Clancy: Tesla plans San Jose manufacturing site for electric car

Andrew Nusca: Panasonic Blu-ray Home Theater Preview.

Gallery right.

Janice Chen: Canon finally announces 5D Mark II, as predicted

Dennis Howlett: Boingo - a traveler's lifesaver

Nortel whacked by currency, carrier spending, delays

Silicon Alley Insider: The Mystery Of The Incredible Shrinking Video Sites: What Gives?

Sean Portnoy: Welcome to ZDNet's new Home Theater blog

Nathan Myhrvold: Alpha patent troll?

Dana Gardner: iTKO's SOA testing and validation role supports increasingly complex integration lifecycles

Zoho goes for distribution grab with Jamcracker deal

Video: Vinod Khosla: 'It's about main tech, not clean tech'


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