News to know: Vista DRM; Flash drives; Adobe zero-day; Blacklisted iPhones

Notable headline:Ed Bott: Everything you've read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 3).Robin Harris: Will flash EVER replace disk?

Notable headline:

Ed Bott: Everything you've read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 3).

Robin Harris: Will flash EVER replace disk?

Ryan Naraine: 'High risk' zero-day flaw haunts Adobe Acrobat, Reader.

Jason O'Grady: Apple blacklisting hacked iPhones? Mary Jo Foley: Windows Home Server patch is out. Still no new Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 test builds. Who still cares about Microsoft's server-communications protocols?

David Morgenstern: Will Apple miss the virtualization boom? Dan Kusnetzky: Is virtual machine software a panacea?

Larry Dignan: Oracle earnings solid; takes on SAP, IBM

Techmeme: Google Shared Stuff.

Larry Dignan: Why AMD’s triple core Phenom is a bigger deal than you think. George Ou: Leaked: Skulltrail 8-core Penryn benchmarks. Gallery: Classmate PC and Asus Eee at IDF.

Bloomberg: Apple's Jobs Subpoenaed for Deposition, People Say Ryan Naraine: VMware patch batch fixes 20 security flaws

What will we find in the next 50 years of space exploration? Pros seem to outdo cons in new phone-charger standard.

Dan Farber: SAP's challenge to NetSuite, Workday and

Dennis Howlett: SAP's 100,000 customers by 2010: 'aspirational.' Business ByDesign: an Irregular verdict. Phil Wainewright: Business ByDesign, SAP's slow-burning fuse. Joshua Greenbaum: Why Business ByDesign is a very big deal

China leads Asia in malicious online activity.

Harry Fuller: Woz intends to go green.

Nortel seeks revival through 'hyperconnectivity'. Reuters: Google sees Web search less exposed to mortgage woes.

Computerworld: Can IBM save from itself?

Gallery (right): How do I... Add and customize sidebar gadgets in Microsoft Windows Vista?

Leaked e-mails reveal MediaDefender's antipiracy woes.

Patent law overhaul: Bad for start-ups?

Dave Greenfield: Using Second Life in Your Business. Marc Wagner: Linux: Is the road to Moscow paved with good intentions? Christopher Dawson: Russia installing Linux in every school in the country. Russell Shaw: WiMax provider Clearwire in low-profile Seattle nomadic test.

Has Google actually read U.S. v. Microsoft?


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