News to know: Zimbra's big deal; Dell and Novell; Vista's hidden tool

Summary:Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Dell signs up for Microsoft-Novell partnership; SUSE Linux or bust. AP: Dell Signs on With Microsoft, Novell.

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Dell signs up for Microsoft-Novell partnership; SUSE Linux or bust. AP: Dell Signs on With Microsoft, Novell. Statement.

Dan Farber: Comcast go

es with Zimbra for new collaboration suite. David Berlind: Zimbra's Scott Dietzen Unplugged: Comcast deal puts Zimbra in the big leagues now. News story. Gallery at left.

Dan Farber:
Massive IBM U.S. Global Services layoff on the horizon? Sphere focuses search on time and connections.

Ed Burnette: Sun preparing answer to Flash, Silverlight? NBC lines up against YouTube. Donna Bogatin: Google’s YouTube: Is NBC copyright lawsuit near?

Vista in depth:


AP: Survey Defines Split in Technology Use.

Ryan Naraine:
Controversial 'month of bugs' getting security results. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Trojan impersonates Windows activation.

George Ou: Comprehensive RAID performance report. Gallery (left): Debunking RAID performance myths.

Engadget: New Zune on Monday?

Tom Foremski: Does Google have a huge conflict of interest? Donna Bogatin: Google blasts Web bots: PC big culprit in drive by downloads. Garett Rogers: Try another Google prototype.

Computerworld: TSA hard drive goes missing.


Yahoo-Microsoft talks--the goose chase:

AP: Ottaway Against Murdoch's Dow Jones Bid.

ReadWrite Web: Silverlight Poll Results: Majority Impressed, But Not a Flash Killer Yet.

Review: Velocity Micro ProMagix E2035 (right).

Second Life: Europeans Outnumber Americans 3 to 1.

John Spooner: AMD:
What's the plan Hector?

Dion Hinchcliffe: Enterprise 2.0 as a corporate culture catalyst. Joe McKendrick: AJAX and Enterprise 2.0 for that 'last mile' of SOA.

Bills propose reporter's shield for bloggers.

Review: EGO Waterproof Sound Case for iPod (left).

Yahoo sings a new lyrics-licensing song.

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