Nokia to 'add some colour' at New Delhi mystery event

Summary:Nokia has something planned for Thursday, promising to "add some colour" to your week.

The circle of Lumia life? Image: Nokia

That's all we have out of Nokia right now — a rectangle shape with rounded edges on a yellow background — but the Finnish phone maker promises what it has next is "exciting."

In a short note, Nokia said it has something up its sleeve for a "global announcement" on Thursday — tomorrow — and charged and anticipated customers can watch online to see what all the fuss is about.

The phone maker will launch the announcement at 12 p.m. midday (New Delhi), 9:30 a.m. (Helsinki) and 7:30 a.m. (London).

There is sufficient hinting to point at something for the Indian market, notably the launch location. The country with a billion-strong population has typically been a crucial market for the Finnish phone maker in recent years, thanks to its popularity of feature phones. On the Lumia and smartphone front, it's not been doing so well, with Nokia's India revenue falling by 23 percent year-on-year.

India remains an important country, at least to satisfy the burgeoning smartphone user base. Many phone and smartphone makers that have faced difficulties in recent quarters — and there are a few of them, Nokia included — have ramped up their efforts to target the larger emerging market populous.

What we can expect out of Nokia tomorrow may not have much business or enterprise spin, alas, but it could be a ramping up of efforts to support or take advantage of the huge Indian market.

That said, New Delhi is as good of a place to launch anything. Whatever it may be, it has to be something to draw in the users. Because at the moment, sales wise, while its Lumia smartphones are trickling out the door and increasing in momentum quarter-on-quarter , it's still not enough to displace its falling feature phone segment.

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