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Samsung sticks a hi-fi and a DVD player together...

According to Samsung there are a lot of you out there scouting around the outskirts of the DVD arena, but without the bottle to actually step into it. So it's come up with the MAX-945D -- as part of Nuggets' continuing crusade against stupid names, we have to mark it down for not just leaving it at "MAX" -- which is a combined DVD and hi-fi system.

The offering is essentially a DVD player that is, shall we say, not dissimilar to Samsung's 709 model, with a hi-fi tacked on. There's a three-disc CD changer, one of which holds DVDs, twin auto-reverse tape decks and a three-band digital display tuner. To round off this all-in-one system, you get five speakers. Features of the DVD machine itself include a zoom function to focus in on areas around the screen, a Dolby Pro-Logic sound processor, an eight-way equaliser, Super Bass Sound and Power Sound.

You can also link the player to an external decoder via the digital output, to play films with Dolby Digital, MPEG2 and DTS surround sound. If the sound of all that is enough to tempt you to join the DVD revolution, you can take one away from your local hi-fi dealer next week for £499.99.

Go on, treat yourself...

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