OtterBox Defender for BlackBerry PlayBook will make you a true road warrior

Summary:OtterBox's new Defender case for the BlackBerry PlayBook now provides the ultimate protection for RIM's flagship tablet device.

OtterBox's new Defender case for the BlackBerry PlayBook now provides the ultimate protection for RIM's flagship tablet device.

Today, the folks over at OtterBox sent me a great new accessory for the BlackBerry PlayBook -- their Defender series case, which was first introduced for tablet devices with their iPad offering last year.

OtterBox also has iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM Defender cases forthcoming, which are made out of the same high-impact polycarbonate armor shell coated with silicone rubber. The PlayBook version sells for $69.95, with the iPad 2 and XOOM cases selling for $89.95, respectively.

Obviously, the Defender isn't a cheap case. It's also not a light case, nor is it a slim case. Without the shield cover/stand attached, it adds an additional 12 ounces to the heft of the PlayBook.

For the business executive looking to just slip the PlayBook into their vest pocket and who wants the flexibility of just being able to pull the device out casually whenever needed, this probably isn't an ideal solution.

However, if you need to use the PlayBook in a rough environment or have more of a "Road Warrior" lifestyle as a business traveller, this is exactly the product that will keep your trusty device from getting seriously damaged.

As with all OtterBox Defender products, the case is a complete enclosure which allows the device to remain in the armor for the rest of its natural life. All of the buttons, ports and receptacles are fully usable through the polycarbonate/rubber casing.

All charging/MicroUSB ports can be accessed through an access cover on the silicone rubber coating.

One of the things I really like about this case is it actually makes the the power button useable on the PlayBook, since the device uses a recessed power button design that is difficult to operate. With the Defender, the buttons stick prominently out.

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The top cover/shield actually doubles as a kickstand, and has a porthole slider window that allows the front-facing camera and the rear-facing camera to be used while the device is covered in the front or in the back.

Do you own an OtterBox Defender product for your device? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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