CEO: Google is good, very good

Summary:The rendezvous with Google destiny is set: Tuesday, June 5.

The rendezvous with Google destiny is set: Tuesday, June 5.

Marc Benioff, CEO, affirms "It's good to be with Google," as cited by MarketWatch.

How good is the multitude of "stuff" that Google offers? Google mapping services is looking Googley good, to Benioff.

How good will Google and be together? There is already Google love going on at runs a dedicated "Salesforce for Google AdWords" blog in conjunction with its "Salesforce for Google AdWords" initiative:

Create ads on Google, Track leads in Salesforce, Measure ROI.

Salesforce for Google AdWords debuted last year, designed as a for fee program, based notably on technology obtained with the Salesforce acquisition of Kieden Corporation, a third party search marketing company.

In April, Google announced a direct AdWords reseller arrangement with Intel, as I analyze in Google piggybacks on Intel: What about Intuit?. The Intuit-Google AdWords resale deal in QuickBooks, announced last year, has not met with any apparent success.

What if were to now push Google Apps Premiere, however, rather than just AdWords? The direct enterprise sales force may be looking good, to Google Enterprise. 

Benioff also underscores "providing a product that integrates Google services has long been something customers ask for." What particular product, integrating which specific Google services?

Suspense is good, as wants to assure all tune in Tuesday for the latest "groundbreaking" Google alliance news.

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