Sexist journalism, yes or no?

Salon critic slams John Dvorak. Your turn to weigh in.

John Dvorak doesn't mince words -- and he has no affection for Apple's newest machine, the iBook. In a recent column, Dvorak variously described the system as "a makeup case," a "girly machine" and an appliance that "no male in his right mind" would be seen with in public.

Word of Dvorak's column sped through cyberspace and it wasn't long before he was taken to task by Salon's Janelle Brown who took the curmudgeonly columnist to task for an article she slammed as "chock-full of sexist stereotypes." She was especially critical of the "girly name calling," even as female execs like HP's Carleton Fiorina and eBay's Meg Whitman increasingly populate senior positions at computer and software companies.

Dvorak: "The only thing missing from the Apple iBook is the Barbie logo. The system, which looks like a makeup case, promises to be a disaster once people come to their senses."
See Dvorak's column: The iBook disaster.

Brown: "Women use computers, women run computer companies; equating them with busty plastic dolls shows that no matter whether we've come a long way, baby, not everyone has kept up."
See Brown's column: The Barbie fixation


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