Smart managers read behavior and know how to respond

As a guy who spent several years researching and writing a book championing managers I came to really understand that the basis for everything productive begins with the manager’s relationships. Great managers understand their team members and excel at communication.

In this new BNET Video, Ed Muzio, the CEO of Group Harmonics, outlines a strategy for reading behavior in the moment. He encourages us to ask two questions: how is this person approaching their environment, and what is their primary focus? By answering these, you can determine if this person is trying to direct, inspire, stabilize or regulate—and respond appropriately. I think Ed’s advice and the 4 Square Model he shares is terrific and instantly applicable.


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Contributing Editor, People Vince Thompson is a digital revenue consultant, author, speaker and host of the popular BNET show Dog and Pony. His firm Middleshift LLC helps Internet companies build revenue by creating advertising solutions and scaling sales efforts. He is based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter. Full Bio

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