Start as we mean to go on

A quick introduction to the new iGeneration column on ZDNet.

Students here, students there, students practically everywhere. We've passed exams, written essays by candlelight, had many sleepless nights, and studied furiously - and that's just to get into university. Now we're here the outcome is a degree and a job at the end; it's the very least we could ask for, considering we have to pay back the amount of a small house in Hackney in student loans and tuition costs (it's quite a lot, by the way).

But what's out there, and how do we fit in? Most of us have little work experience except for the odd waitering job, maybe designing websites or anything else we can find to make ends meet. Obviously a high graded degree sells ourselves automatically to the chief-exec's and the human resource types, but we're worth much more than that. We have the knowledge, the know-how, the understanding and the determination.

How do us students change the technology world that we know of? Why can't something be made that little bit better? What can we provide the world of industry that nobody else has? What's the number for the Chinese takeaway on the corner?

All questions we want answered, but we're the ones to answer them.


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