The economics of protest

Whether you like Neil Young, his music, politics or war stance, you have to pay attention to what he did today.

Say you wanted to get a message out to as many people as you could. If you're Neil Young and angry about the war, how about giving away a free streamThis is demonstration of how Moore's Law is changing protest. of your new album? How about doing it just weeks after you've recorded it?

It's smart political action, because it is cheap. It's also not a bad marketing ploy, since everyone from the New York Times to leading lights of the blogosphere are writing about Young's new album, Living With War, which you can hear free today at

This is demonstration of how Moore's Law is changing protest. It can be fast and direct-to-the-people, without many barriers to climb over. What Young did today should serve as an example for activists wanting to win the 2008 presidential election.

It's a geat album and a great strategy, but I've loved Neil's work since he sang against the Vietnam War, too.


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