The only flight app you need: FlightTrack Pro

Summary:I've used a bunch of flight apps for both the iPhone and Android and the hands-down winner is FlightTrack Pro (App Store, $9.99).

We got a metric ton of snow here in the northeast in the past 48 hours and it has snarled traffic and made transportation nightmarishly difficult. And if the Blizzard wasn't enough we're scheduled to receive another 12-18 inches on Tuesday.

The impending Blizzard 2.0 forced me to move my flight up a day so that I can make the session I'm giving on netbooks at Macworld on Thursday. Traveling to San Francisco is particularly dicey right now and I've been spending a lot of time nervously tracking my flight.

FlightTrack Pro (App Store, $9.99) is the best in its class because it has a super clean interface and provides real-time flight itinerary updates at a glance. FlightTrack Pro's combination of usability and features is unmatched in the App Store.

You can enter your flight info directly into FlightTrack Pro, but I recommend that you set up a free account at instead. Then just forward your flight confirmation emails to and all your flight information automatically appears on your iPhone in FlightTrack. TripIt saves a ton of time you'd otherwise spend manually entering flight information into your iPhone. Which alone is worth the price of admission.

TripIt also gives you all the tracking features you'd expect, including up to date data on flight cancellations, delays and gate changes. Tapping on any segment displays your full TripIt itinerary in Safari. FlightTrack Pro will even alert you to flight status updates via push notifications even when the app isn’t open and your iPhone is in your pocket.

FlightTrack Pro is also available on Android -- with a cool home screen widget!

I've used a bunch of flight apps for both the iPhone and Android and the hands-down winner is FlightTrack Pro (App Store, $9.99). It's definitely a home screen app this week and any time I travel by air.

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