The shameful destination of your music purchase dollars

Summary:Meet Larry Scantlebury: Vietnam vet, devoted husband, father, and grandfather.  Larry apparently shared some music files via the Net too.

Meet Larry Scantlebury: Vietnam vet, devoted husband, father, and grandfather.  Larry apparently shared some music files via the Net too.  You can only meet him virtually.  He passed away in June.  While my sympathies go to Larry's family, I'd like to cast a glance of shock and horror at the Recording Industry Association of America (the RIAA). 

The RIAA represents Warner Bros. Records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, UMG Recordings, BMG Music, Arista Records LLC, Capitol Records, Inc., and Atlantic Recording Corporation all of whom brought suit against Larry. The lawyer representing the RIAA is Matthew E. Krichbaum of law firm Soble Rowe Krichbaum LLP (although I'm not sure if he'll answer, he can be reached at in case you want to ask him questions about the case). In another RIAA case, Krichbaum was accussed by the defandants of "unreasonable and vexatious litigation and improperly interfering and/or obtaining false testimony from a prospective witness." The accusation involved a 15-year old girl who testified that Krichbaum pressured her into giving false testimony because without it, he wouldn't have a case. In addition to the pointer I posted last week regarding must read document that cuts the RIAA down to size, watching Krichbaum in action is a another peek inside the RIAA's legal machinery. 

But if you think that's bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Getting back to, Mr. Scantlebury, apparently, his death isn't enough for the RIAA to take its business elsewhere. No, Krichbaum has already invested time and resources into this case and so now, he must still bring it across the finish line.  So, in pursuit of a settlement with our war heroe's estate, Krichbaum has made a motion to allow Larry's family 60 days to grieve after which time they'll have to give depositions.

Item No. 3 in the motion says:

Plaintiffs do not believe it appropriate to discuss a resolution of the case with the family so close to Mr. Scantlebury's passing. Plaintiffs therefore request a stay of 60 days to allow the family additional time to grieve.

Appropriate? How does this guy sleep at night?

Thanks to Slashdot for the link.

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