This hoodie comes with a 10-year warranty

One company is betting that people will pay a premium for clothing that lasts for years.

Sometimes it feels like my wardrobe is falling apart. You see, I have my favorites: that flannel shirt, the jeans that fit just right, a comfortable pair of loafers. And when I find a favorite, I wear it all the time. Then, the day comes, much earlier than I expect, when I find an irreparable hole. I start out in denial ("no one will see it"), but the hole inevitably continues to expand. I know the end is near. At this point, it's sent to the closet where it only comes out on lazy weekends. I drag out the demise of my favorite clothes longer than I should because I know there's something wrong here. When a shirt wears out after a few months (and I'm not a five-year-old spending my days at the playground) we have a problem.

Flint and Tinder thinks so too. The American company, which was born on Kickstarter with the idea of making 100 percent American-made underwear, is back with an idea that goes against the traditional disposable clothing model in which clothes only last a season or two. And they're doing it with one of the most comfortable items of clothing out there: the hoodie, worn to the threads by college students everywhere. More specifically, the company is making a hoodie so durable that it's backing it with a 10-year warranty, an uncommon practice in the clothing industry. If it does get a hole, they'll mend it free of charge.

Though it's not yet available for purchase, the product, which is being funded on Kickstarter, is already a hit. With 39 days left to fund the hoodie, the company has raised close to $500,000, well over its goal of $50,000. Apparently I'm not the only one who's tired of clothes that come apart before their prime. Here's Flint and Tinder's Kickstarter video:

[via Grist]

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