V.34 Fax Verification seen as having impact on VoIP

Stand-alone fax machines are so 1980s. And fax modems are so 1990s.

Stand-alone fax machines are so 1980s. And fax modems are so 1990s.

VoIP is so now.

But what happens when they meet, i.e., you want to send a stand-alone fax or a fax modem transmission over a VoIP line?

QualityLogic is touting its new TSB-85 standard test suite, and has bundled the utility in its FaxExpert test product. The key to making this work is fax device, emulation. A companion program called FaxLab emulates some 1600 T.30 behaviors of some 140 different fax machines. Another QualityLogic product, DataProbe/FaxSend, monitors fax calls over the entire range of data rates available today, including V.34 control exchange. 

The International Telecommunication Union V.34 standard specifies a modem operating at data signalling rates of up to 33 600 bit/s for use on the general switched telephone network and on leased point-to-point 2-wire telephone-type circuits. 

The MultiModemDID fax modem you see at the top of this post is one of many fax modems that are V.34-compliant.

"The simplicity of use and decades of user familiarity guarantee that fax will be in wide use for the forseeable future," QualityLogic's John Lunsford says in a company-distributed white paper entitled V.34 Fax Verification, and the growing interoperation of V.34 devices will begin to impact VoIP designs."


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