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A major benefit that technology brings is its power to help us achieve almost instantaneous contact with just about anyone in the world, says Victor Law, managing director (Asia Pacific) at Packeteer.

Victor LawA major benefit that technology brings is its power to help us achieve almost instantaneous contact with just about anyone in the world, says Victor Law, managing director (Asia Pacific) at Packeteer. Unfortunately, this generates a somewhat unrealistic demand for faster human response, thereby setting up inaccurate expectations upfront.

Law knows what he's talking about. A former director at 3Com and having held various positions at communications infrastructure giant Nortel Networks, 43-year-old Law has been in the IT industry for exactly two decades. He helped established the Asia Pacific operations of Packeteer three years ago, where there was "very little recognition" in Asia on the need for bandwidth management, business application performance guarantee and IP Quality of Service.

Today, Law is proud to say that he has successfully applied his knowledge of managing networks and supporting customers in today's business landscape, helping corporations better utilize their resources in achieving their business goals, and making IP QoS "a hot topic for many in the IT field".

Here are excerpts of his interview with ZDNet Asia.

Which aspect(s) of the Asian culture do you think makes for a good or bad business edge in the global IT market?
Being flexible and [being] able to adapt quickly to the changing business environment is a key advantage of the Asian culture in contributing to the international IT market.

The [continued] reliance on “pure relationship” is a major stumbling block in promoting the use of the best and the most appropriate IT technology to address users’ needs or concerns.

Do you think technology isolates people or brings them closer together?
Technology does bring people closer together. However, we must remember not to discriminate against those people who did not get a fair share of access to the technology as we do. In fact, we should find ways to help others gain better access to technology to improve their living standards.

We have more tools, better technology, but less time. What happened? Technology does help save time in automating certain manual tasks and [it enables] almost instant contact with others anywhere else in the world. However, this creates an unrealistic demand for faster and faster human response, and hence sets inaccurate expectations upfront. As members of the IT industry, we have the responsibility [to promote] the proper use of technology while at the same time educate the public on the need for a balanced working and family life. Life is too short to be spending time just in front of a computer screen or surfing the Web.

Can you tell us some of your favorite Web sites? to check on the weather of cities that I am visiting, to check stock prices, and for antique watches.

Do you consider yourself successful?
Success is knowing when to be content and know how to appreciate and enjoy life. When ex-colleagues and friends consult you frequently as their unofficial career consultant, and your ex-boss asked you to re-join the company and take over his own position, you know then you are successful.

Is there a role model whom you look up to?
Jack Welch of GE.

What do you do to de-stress?
Playing with my one-year-old baby boy, enjoying good food with my wife and friends, and reading “Watch Critics” magazine.

What is your most prized possession?
Having a beautiful and understanding wife, and a very playful and active baby boy.

Which gadget is on your most wanted list?
A Patek Philippe Ref. 5059 Grand Complications watch.

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