Video: The world's fastest limousine

Limo Broker, a UK-based firm, plans to unveil a stretch limousine version of the AUDI R8 sports car.

Even in these difficult economic times, there doesn't appear to be a shortage of excess.

Take for the instance the news that UK-based Limo Broker plans to unveil a stretch limousine version of the AUDI R8 sports car. Shortly after the announcement, the company says they have been inundated with requests for bookings for the yet-to-be-completed supercar , spurring the design team to accelerate production so that it'll be ready in time for upcoming high school proms.

The classed-up version of the V10 R8 features the addition of gull-wing doors and three extra rows of buckets that can accomodate up to eight passengers. However, the "superlimousine" will retain the namesake's 528 horsepower Lamborghini-sourced engine, which enables the car to go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds. Once finished, the company claims that it will officially be the world's fastest limousine.

Limo Broker already has quite a reputation for gussied-up rides for special occasions. Their fleet includes stretch hummers, Ferraris and even a fire engine limousine for those hot nights out on the town. Interested parties are asked to inquire within for a free quote.

Photos: Limo Broker

The need for speed:

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