What Do Potential Users Think About The iPad Mini?

Summary:Forget the pundits like me: what do you readers - who will really determine the success or failure of an iPad Mini - think about this tablet?

The New York Times published a piece yesterday echoing what Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, myself and others have been saying about the iPad Mini: it's inevitable, and it's going to do well.

The Times article didn't allow reader comments. But my piece on ZDNet did - and boy did it attract a bunch , including pro and con arguments from consumers as well as apparent IT administrators. 

Since not everyone loves to scroll through comments, I thought I'd pull out the best ones:

Small Is Beautiful

"I think that the compelling use / marketing case may be that Apple offers a 'large phone' that can replace a laptop for a significant number of folks who travel, so that they can carry just one device. To make this really work, Apple would need killer-good voice control (like Siri, but free of the back-end link) so this device would have practical, easy, user friendly usability via BlueTooth while it remains in one's pocket or bag, even where there is no internet availability." - Z2217 

"I have both an iPhone and a Kindle Fire. Games and media certainly work on the phone, but they are much more enjoyable on the tablet. After owning the Fire for a while I found it almost painful to look at the small graphics on the phone. And the tablet -does- fit in some coat pockets. I think the 7" form factor has a significant market segment for people who find both the price and size of a 10" tablet to be prohibitive." - RoverDaddy

Small is Bad

"A 7' tablet is definitely easier to put in a sport cost pocket than a 10" tablet (which is what most road warriors still wear to work). But, screen resolution is a big deal to the content creator. And, unless the device uses a stylus, fingers are just too big for detailed work - even on a 10" screen." - M Wagner

"The biggest reason why I would never get a 7" tablet is overlap. For most people people who already have a smartphone (myself included), we already have the functionality of a small tablet. And the newest smartphones have very large screens, some approaching 5". A 7" tablet only gives you a small improvement of additional screen size with the same basic functionality. A full size tablet however allows you to do things that you simply can't do well with a smartphone. That is real added value." - Tigertank

"Personally, I think a 5" wide keyboard is just too small for comfortable typing." - Vulpinemac

Forget the iPad, Go For Surface

"Win 8 tablets are general purpose machines and applications written even in the seventies will run on it. iPad is nothing but a toy, get over it." - owllnet

"Whether in 7 inch form, or 10 inch form, the iPad is still designed as a consumption device, and if a tablet can be designed that can be both, a consumption device, as well as a production device, then, why not get the one that gives a lot more for the money, and is already compatible with most office software already in the business." Adornoe

"If companies want to deploy devices that provide the most bang for the buck, and offer greater flexibility for their workforce, Microsoft is clearly in a better position... assuming the Surface tablets (or other OEM tablets) don't completely suck." - paddyarizona
The Bottom Line
"Most internal applications cost millions to build. Almost all of them are written for Windows or Linux. Almost none of them will run on the iPad. Almost all of them will but on Windows 8. You can cart your shiny new iPad into the office, but when the guy next to you can use the internal applications in a meeting and you can't you'll have little choice. Go on, ask your company to rewrite its multi-million dollar app for iOS. Unless your company is all Apple, it doesn't make sense." - A Gray

Still A Toy

"There are legions of IT staffs waiting for an alternative that is a legitimate component of an Enterprise ecosystem. This is most important in the Small to Medium-sized Businesses, where once you go with a tablet line, you're stuck with it for a very, very long time. Of the two iPads we were forced to adopt, neither user is satisfied with how they integrate into an Active Directory environment. It's a neat toy, and my mom sure loves surfacing the web on hers. But other than checking email and watching movies on a flight, the iPad is not a workstation or laptop replacement for real work." - BowTech

Not So Fast!

"Enterprise is already buying tablets - they're not waiting for Microsoft." - Falkirk

"The Microsoft Surface still has many, many unknowns associated with it -- starting from whether Microsoft could manufacture it at all, to whether it will actually take off. Enterprises have already experimented with Windows tablets for about a decade --- it has been wasted effort so far. I believe many enterprises will be more likely investing in Android tablets, than in Windows tablets." - danbi

It's All About E-Mail

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