What would you do for a free iPhone 3G S?

Summary:Would you be willing to sacrifice this cute little puppy for an iPhone 3G S? Or de-friend your closest friends and family on Facebook, for two years?

Would you be willing to sacrifice this cute little puppy for an iPhone 3G S? Or de-friend your closest friends and family on Facebook, for two years?

[Disclaimer: If you haven't figured it out, this post was a humorous, albeit dark attempt at pointing out that people are willing to do some pretty horrible things for very small material gain. If you don't like being reminded of the fact that humanity as a whole is a pretty despicable collection of erect hominids, that's too bad. Be it as it may, I happen to love animals myself, and I've adopted two dogs from Petfinder.com, which is an organization I recommend heartily.]

Given that today was iPhone 3G S review mania day, I've given up all hope of publishing anything meaningful today on ZDNet for fears of it being buried in the cumulative iPile. Apple product releases are like the Britney Spears or the Paris Hiltons of the tech reporting industry, the irrational obsession with them seems to monopolize virtually all the screen space on the various tech news outlets when some new development or enhancement comes along.

So rather than beating them, or resigning not to post anything at all, I've decided to join them. That being said I think it's a given that people LOVE iPhones. But how much?

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Earlier this year Burger King had a Whopper Sacrifice promotion where if you de-friended 10 of your friends on FaceBook, you received a coupon for a free Whopper burger. Amazingly, a huge amount of people were willing to do this. However, I suspect that for a free iPhone 3G S with two free years of data and voice service -- assume it's the upper-end, 32GB model -- that more serious, heinous acts of inhumanity would be willing to be committed by the average iPhone junkie.

So I'm taking an informal poll: Which of the following horrible, unconscionable things would you be willing to do for a free iPhone 3G S? And if I left anything out, Talk Back and Let Me Know.

[poll id="17"]

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