Where's that package you shipped? New tracking service keep tabs

Summary:A long-time proponent of inventory management solutions, Wasp Barcode Technologies has a new offering that lets small businesses follow when orders are delivered to their customers.

How many times have you personally used a package tracking site from large delivery services and companies to figure out when to expect a shipment or order?

Long known for its inventory management solutions, Wasp Barcode Technologies has created a software as a service (SaaS) offering called Package Tracker that helps small and midsize businesses (SMBs) keep closer tabs on the whereabouts of packages -- from the time that they are picked up by a carrier to the moment they are delivered to the intended recipient.

The idea is to keep closer tabs on program every step of the way, not just at the beginning and end of this process. This will help SMBs -- especially those that are located in multi-office buildings, corporate parks or warehouses -- track when packages are delivered, who signed for them, and even where in the building it might be located (if for some reason it has gone missing).

As you would expect from Wasp, given the nature of what it develops, there's a barcode connection. Information about the package and the intended recipient can be included in the label, where it is scanned and catalogued each step of the way. The data is shared in a cloud-hosted database.

While it probably isn't appropriate for most small businesses, the Package Tracker service could be useful for SMBs that are managing a relatively high volume of incoming deliveries on a daily basis, because they can (hopefully) cut down on delays that might be caused by misdeliveries and get things to their intended recipients more quickly.

But, realistically, it needs to be feeling some pain around this issue for this really to be a worthwhile investment. The basic service starts at $69 per month. 

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