Windows 7 chatter having a significant negative effect on Vista

Summary:Yesterday I asked for a show of hands to find out whether chatter about the next version of Windows is putting off Hardware 2.0 from deploying Vista. The results are very interesting indeed.

Yesterday I asked for a show of hands to find out whether chatter about the next version of Windows is putting off Hardware 2.0 from deploying Vista. The results are very interesting indeed.

I posted three polls.  So far, each poll has received between 2,300 and 2,700 votes.  Let's take a look at the results so far.

Poll #1:

Poll #1

Here we have a clear and unambiguous result.  80% of Hardware 2.0 readers who haven't deployed Vista seem happy to skip Vista and wait for Windows 7 to make an appearance. 

On the face of it that doesn't seem like good news for Microsoft, but in the longer term it's actually not really that dire.  While it's perfectly possible to skip one Windows version, skipping two isn't so easy and individuals and companies alike will have to either start to seriously think about upgrading or migrating to a different OS - and for most upgrading is going to be less hassle than migrating. 

Poll #2:

Poll #2

Interesting.  While 51% would be happy to stick with XP SP2 until 2010, 34% are eagerly awaiting SP3.  SP3 could give XP a newfound lease of life and be a further reason for some to give Vista a miss.

Poll #3:

Poll #3

This is interesting.  A full 45% of voters are giving Vista a miss based on the word of others.  While I expected this figure to be pretty high (I wouldn't expect everyone considering Vista to take the time to test it out), I'm staggered by it being this high.  It seems that bad press about Windows Vista really is putting off people from migrating.


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