Wozniak in '84: Apple II a product that could sell 'thousands a month'

Long-lost footage of Steve Wozniak speaking to the Denver Apple Pi computer club in 1984.

A hearty bravo to Vince Patton, the entreprising fellow who this week published long-lost video of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak telling tales about the company to the Denver Apple Pi computer club at the Colorado School of Mines way back in 1984.

The footage -- on VHS tape, naturally -- was saved by Patton's father; Patton turned around and digitized it for our enjoyment. And what a find it was.

In this example, Woz discusses the early days of Apple as a company -- one that knew it had a hit product on its hands but still needed the financing ($250,000, to be precise) to make it happen (not to mention the stomach to quit a job at Hewlett-Packard and go all in).

There are many more:

Indeed, there are more still; Patton split the 90-minute presentation into 23 videos. To walk down memory lane, watch them here.


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