Yet another "iPhone killer:" Blackberry's Thunder (updated)

Summary:Did you hear that John Mayer is cheating on Apple again? That's right, Apple's poster boy blogged that he's using a Blackberry Bold.

Blackberry’s “iPhone killer:” Thunder
Did you hear that John Mayer is cheating on Apple again? That's right, Apple's poster boy blogged that he's using a Blackberry Bold. Not really surprising considering that RIM sponsored his 2007 tour. Note to Cupertino: send him a 3G iPhone, like, today

Although RIM hasn't said anything publicly about it, their current worst-kept secret is that they're next-gen handset will have a touchscreen, just like iPhone. Code-named "Thunder" the new handset does away with a hardware keyboard completely and is due to arrive in Q3 2008 according to BGR.

BGR posted a mockup of the device (pictured) which is almost an exact knockoff of the iPhone design. It's all screen and only has four buttons: send, end, BlackBerry and a back key. BGR also claims that it has 3G (EV-DO Rev. C) and GSM HSPA (for international use) and it will launch as a worldwide lifetime exclusive on Verizon and Vodafone.

Electronista is somewhat skeptical:

...the reported launch information also conflicts with some of Verizon's existing and future plans. The company today operates a relatively slower EVDO Revision A service for data and has already announced plans to switch to Long Term Evolution (LTE) for its next-generation wireless network, dropping CDMA entirely in favor of a 700MHz 4G standard that it will likely share with AT&T, Vodafone, and other carriers that today use GSM.

Haven't we seen enough alleged "iPhone killers" already? Yes we have. Witness the long line of wannabees, including: Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch, Verizon Voyager, Nokia Tube, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, the list goes on. The one that could give iPhone a run for its money is Google's Android mobile phone platform. I guess that competition is good in the end – it keeps Apple on their toes.

What are your thoughts? Is there a true iPhone killer out there?

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