Your next tablet computer will be circular

TabCo sent ZDNet HQ a pizza in anticipation of a new circular tablet computing device. What does it mean?

Just when I think I've seen everything as a jaded tech reporter, someone goes and sends us a pizza as a press release.

The company: TabCo.

The pizza: pepperoni.

TabCo chief executive "Ian Quincy" -- in quotes because he's not on LinkedIn, and that's fishy for a CEO -- sent me (and I presume many other New York-based tech reporters) a little note yesterday explaining that his "tablet company" will be launching "some very new products this summer."

"Pizza is a New York City staple," he writes, "and I personally love the circular shape!"

The hints aren't lost on me. The pizza has arrived, with pepperoni arranged in a date (8-15-11) and a note taped to the top of the cardboard box notes that TabCo is "reinventing the wheel."

A few details about the note:

  • Partners are named: Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo, IMDB, Bing, Facebook, MSN
  • A circular menu is illustrated, with search, copy, cut, paste, apps and "select all" commands.
  • The Wikipedia entry for the film Inception is reprinted, along with a presumable peek at the tablet's menu bar, which includes the time, Wi-Fi, inbox unread count, volume and battery life meters.

With all of this manufactured mystery, I'm just going to have to call this the Lady Gaga of tablets. (DGui has a nice roundup of all the hints we know about this device so far; it could be Nokia.)

Who might this be? (The WhoIs entry for the company is thin.) And what's coming? I don't know, but I sure am hungry.


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