Asus denies plans to phase out smaller Eee PCs

Asus denies plans to phase out smaller Eee PCs

Summary: The Taiwanese manufacturer claims its president did not say that seven- and 8.9-inch models of the popular netbook would be phased out in favour of 10-inch models

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Asus has denied reports it is planning to phase out Eee PC netbook models with screens under 10 inches in size.

Reports of Asus's earnings call last week suggested the company was going to stop selling versions of its low-cost subnotebooks with seven- and 8.9-inch displays, and favour its 10-inch versions in the market in their place. The news was based on reported quotes attributed to the PC manufacturer's president, Jerry Shen.

On Tuesday, however, a spokesperson for Asus told ZDNet UK that the Taiwanese firm would continue to bring out seven- and 8.9-inch Eee PC models. The spokesperson added that netbooks of these sizes were due a "refreshment on the specifications", suggesting that new versions of these models could be on the way.

Asus's spokesperson suggested Shen may have been misquoted in the earlier reports.

Topic: Hardware

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