AT&T announces new Mobile Share Value plans, finally breaks out subsidy fee

AT&T announces new Mobile Share Value plans, finally breaks out subsidy fee

Summary: T-Mobile started something with their no-contract offerings that charged you just for service and not for phone subsidies. AT&T is the first to join them by stopping the double dipping penalty.

AT&T announces new Mobile Share Value plans, finally breaks out subsidy fee
(Image: AT&T)

Earlier this year T-Mobile launched their Un-Carrier strategy that is saving me a ton of money thanks to them charging just for service and breaking out the phone subsidy to give consumers the most flexibility and control over their wireless carrier plans.

All the other major carriers hide phone subsidies in their monthly fees and continue to charge these subsidies even if you already paid off the phone.

Today, AT&T joins T-Mobile by introducing their new Mobile Share Value plans that can save you $15 per month if you bring your own device, pay for the full price up front, or choose to use AT&T Next.

This is the way all US carriers should work and it is great to see AT&T acknowledging that T-Mobile got it right while becoming more consumer friendly.

These new plan options will be available starting this Sunday, 8 December. You will have the options to choose a new plan, but in most cases you will save money with them. Check out the helpful tables over on BGR that show you the cost savings you can realize, from $15 up to $135.

There may be some people whose fees could go up with these new plan offerings, but this is an elective option so if you are happy with your existing plan then it should continue for the foreseeable future.

I am a huge fan of giving the consumer control over their monthly plan and by breaking out the phone subsidy of $15 per month customers can now bring great low-cost devices like the Nexus 5 or Lumia series to AT&T without having to pay more than twice for the phone.

Will Verizon and Sprint soon get in on the no-subsidy action? Don't forget there are also fantastic options like Republic Wireless where you can save serious money each month and get great devices like the Moto X.

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  • AT&T versus T-Mobile

    So for a 4-line mobile share plan with smartphones:

    $45 + $25 + $25 + $25 = $120

    4-line T-Mobile Simple Plan:

    $50 + $30 + $10 + $10 = $100

    So AT&T's $20 more compared to T-Mobile but with better coverage and Wi-Fi network.

    As far as I understand it, each line does not get either 500MB (T-Mobile) or 300MB per line, but must share that bandwidth. I don't know how much more AT&T will charge if I want more data, but for $10 for T-Mobile, all 4 lines can get 2.5GB of data for bandwidth. If I use 400MB of data (listening to music through Live365, watching YouTube videos, and watch ESPN sports), all four lines will have 2.1GB of bandwidth left. Am I right?

    In my opinion, I don't think 300MB or 500MB will be enough for those who are heavy data users like me. That's why I pay $30 for 100 voice minutes (I use Google Voice), unlimited texting, and 5GB of 4G data after which will be throttled down for unlimited, which is very nice, although I don't see myself using 5GB of data due to T-Mobile's less-than-steller coverage compared to AT&T. There is a lack of coverage between Tallahassee and Gainesville when going to Orlando, but at least I can get coverage between Gainesville and Orlando. This is with Nexus 4, by the way.
    Grayson Peddie
  • Still waiting for device portability...

    I.e., just switch the SIM card. Why in heck do I need a new phone when I switch carriers?! I *don't*!
  • Should have done this years ago

    Still, it is a good start for at&t.

    They have broken up the cost of phone subsidy to be $40/device but only offer $15 discount when you bring your own device ( better than the current $0 'discount' for BYOD). At least they have given a definite number ($40) instead of the vague, variable per device charge that depends on amount of data !

    Still two lines sharing 2G data on their n/w would pay $52.50/device under BYOD, before any employer discounts( don't know if those are still in play) and taxes/fees. Much better than before.
  • Dropped the AT&T plan

    After my AT&T contract ended and I was still paying the same amount, AT&T did not remove the subsidy, I left AT&T for Straight Talk.

    Straight talk plan is $45 a month compared to my over $75 with AT&T. The good news is ST uses the AT&T network. Thus I lowered my monthly payment, have unlimited minutes (did not have that on my original AT&T plan), unlimited SMS and MMS, unlimited data (think that means 2 GB), all at a much lower cost. Never going back to AT&T.

    As for WiFi calling on T-Mobile, that is so very cool, only one issue. That feature is only for a few select phones they sell that contain that WiFi chip (different than regular WiFi they say).
    • AT

      I had an AT
      • what the heck happened...

        ... To the rest of my comment??
  • This is not savings...

    I'm more than happy to pay whatever fee they are tacking on. I currently pay about $130 for two iPhones with unlimited data. Why would I want to pay the same for 300MB of data just to not pay a fee?
  • You can still save

    Alot of smaller startups are selling both AT&T and T-Mobile at a discount. T-Mobile tends to be a better deal - throttle/no overage. 35orless has LivePlan- share the rate not the service- cool!
    2-connected MG