AT&T: iPhone 5 'most successful iPhone launch ever'

AT&T: iPhone 5 'most successful iPhone launch ever'

Summary: Network giant AT&T says Apple's latest iPhone has broken sales record in the first weekend of the highly-anticipated smartphone going on sale.


AT&T said today that the iPhone 5 has sold faster than any previous model of the Apple smartphone.

The network declined to offer numbers on the first weekend of the iPhone 5 going on sale -- normally reserved for Apple, in which an announcement is expected in the coming days -- but the cell network giant said it set a new "sales record" for its first day of pre-orders and over the weekend. 

Apple's new smartphone comes with a 4-inch Retina display, global 4G LTE coverage, an improved A6 processor and 1GB memory, and a new Lightning dock connector. 

The iPhone 5 was announced on Wednesday and was available for pre-order on Friday. Almost as soon as the device went up for sale on carrier's sites at 12.01 a.m. PT, many carrier sites struggled to stay afloat. AT&T's own site hiccuped through the early morning and eventually came back online close to two hours after the device went on sale.

In the first hour, the first batch of iPhone 5 smartphones were sold out, pushing back delivery times from September 21 to as far as early October.

Apple said on Friday, following the outages and delays, that it was "blow away by the customer response," and noted that: "Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible."

Apple is expected to sell between 6 million to 10 million iPhone's in September alone, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, with an overall 49 million units in the fourth-quarter in the run-up to the Christmas holiday season.

Image credit: James Martin/CNET.

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  • Calling all cars

    I can see we're going to need more Munchkins to bad-mouth the iPhone. The "nothing new" meme obviously isn't working. Perhaps someone could suggest that his sister's brother's friend who works at Verizon said the iPhone was tanking over there. And the Old Reliable, "just you wait until November 2."
    Robert Hahn
    • Or that the two year contracts expired?

      but Munchkins (the name given to the Apple faithful) like you just looks for excuses, not facts.

      William Farrel
      • Only explains a fraction on the expired contracts angle.

        Try to make up another fact.
      • Newbie fails

        I'm sorry, William, but the term "Microsoft Munchkins" was coined by John C. Dvorak in 1998, long before you were born. He used the term in an article called "Microsoft Should Apologize," which was about Microsoft's practice of sending anonymous posters into online forums to disrupt them.

        They've been doing it since at least 1998. Imagine that.
        Robert Hahn
        • Which doesn't mean that Apple users haven't now earned that name

          since they seem to be the group that is ready to jump at a moment's notice.

          But if you want, well let the MS users keep that one, and just go with the new one I read in reference to Apple users -

          William Farrel
          • Ok, ok you got me there

            And also, did anyone notice I was the first to post on this article? Seems kind of strange huh?
            Robert Ha‬‮nh
          • EDIT: I mean, it really does seem kind of strange...

            Robert Ha‬‮nh
    • I can understand your jubilance

      I know how upset and hurt you were that none of your memes about how awful Windows was dampened the release of Vista that went on to sell in record breaking numbers. So the need for you to project your feelings of frustration onto others is completely understandable.

      Carry on, we'll wait for this little temper tantrum of yours to end.

      PS Interesting though how the very first post about the iPhone was actually about the Nokia Lumia 920. iPhone profitshare of smartphones: ~95%. Lumia profitshare of smartphones: ~0%. The 1,000lb gorilla just shrieked because he saw an ant.
      • In which he does it again

        Do you have a trick that does not consist of putting words in the other guy's mouth, and then attacking your own straw man? You cannot find a post, anywhere, in which I said squat about the fate of Vista. Not one post. Anywhere. Ever.

        You are projecting your own behavior, which consists of pooping and belching all over your enemies' products, onto others. Stop being such a jackwagon.
        Robert Hahn
        • Sorry Robert, that bird doesn't fly

          You are constantly calling into question the "true" identity of anyone who dares post something "negative" about Apple. I call into question your true identity. You are an Apple employed astroturfer. Your posts speak for themselves, you do everything you can to "badmouth" MS products (as you phrased it in your post above). That is why you have been so upset that no matter how hard you tried, products like Vista and Windows 7 went on to break sales records. This is why you are projecting with this one. You see MS employees everywhere, you assume they are trying to do exactly what you do every day, and finally, finally, you feel like you "won".

          Why don't you just come out and admit you are paid by Apple to astroturf here? It would make you feel so much better to be honest for once.

          Alternatively, you could just respond with: "Only I'm allowed to accuse people of being astroturfers."
          • Fine, I'm an astroturfer

            There I said it. Happy?
            I don't feel guilty about taking money from Apple because there's plenty of others on here doing the same.
            Robert Ha‬‮nh
  • To the Apple haters (you must be hating life right about now)

    The typical comments from haters to bad-mouth iOS devices is the usual "We got it last year" or they like to compare specs.

    I found a comment below so great that I repost here for folks to see:

    "I've said this before, but it wouldn't matter if a piece of crap Android device had a damn 8 core CPU and 4 gigs of RAM. At the end of the day, it still runs a poor OS called Android, which bogs down the whole system and requires much higher resources just to operate.

    Don't worry Fandroids, there is still hope for your phones. In five years time, there will finally be an Android phone released which will almost be as smooth as iOS. It will feature 16 cores, it will be highly overclocked and the phone will be 6 inches thick to accommodate the huge heat sink built into it. And even then, an old one core iPhone will be smoother than it, because of Apple's super efficient OS."
    • uh huh

      "To the Apple haters (you must be hating life right about now)"

      Actually, life is pretty good right now. i just got the memo that the iphone broke record sales for a 1 year old phone. and apple fans that say android isn't smooth anymore hasnt used anything but an iProduct in the last 3 years. theyve definitely gotten better.
    • WOW...imaginge that...4g LTE on the iPhraud 5.

      Welcome to the party Apple. Only about 18 months late.

      And for those of you in're going to have to wait a bit longer to use LTE on your iPhraud...'cause Apple's LTE WON'T WORK IN EUROPE ANY TIME SOON.
      • 18 months late?

        What are you talking about? Name one other smartphone on the market right now with that capability.
        Robert Ha‬‮nh
        • Several Phones already on the Market that are LTE

          Pantech Flex
          Pantech Burst
          HTC One X
          Samsung Galaxy S3
          Nokia Lumia 900
          Sony Xperia™ ion
          LG Escape

          and that is only the List of Most LTE Phones from AT&T
          David Jados
  • But Will It Sell For Longer Than The 4S?

    The Iphone 4S, as you may remember, sold well for just a couple of quarters before tapering off. Will the 5 do any better? Or is Apple becoming a seasonal seller?
    • It's the way of the world

      In consumer goods, everybody is a seasonal seller. 70% of consumer durable goods are sold in the three months before Christmas.

      Leaked documents from the recent Apple/Samsung patent trial revealed quarterly sales figures for both companies. They both show the same seasonal pattern.
      Robert Hahn
      • Re: They both show the same seasonal pattern.

        But Samsung can do more than one product introduction a year; Apple can't.
  • Apple Puppetmaster

    As I am not an iphone user, I silently root for Apples success. You see its my belief that as long Apple squeeks like a little mouse in the phone world, Android users will never have to worry about weak, pathetic phone unveils.I dont blame Apple for doing this I understand why, there customers have made it easy for them to come out with no big innovative changes. When you wait outside in long lines sometimes overnight, it sends a pretty strong message to them. There puppets who have been led to believe that an open OS is bad and unsafe. And now that Apple is not the most innovative out there Iphoners claim that the new tech is useless to them. Its funny they used to say they liked Apple because it was always ahead of the rest. They will believe anything and Apple knows it and are cashing in. So keep waiting in those lines and drooling over the next empty Iphone because its making my smartphone product all the betterr. Its not that I care its more like watching those MOST SCHOCKING tv shows where B list actors make fun of people doing stupid crap on video. Well thats exactly what my interest is in all this, cheap entertainment. Its real hard not to watch stupid people get dooped into stupid decisions and then after be to stupid to realize that there just stupid. Thanks Iphonees!!