AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 free charging plate offer may have sold out in less than 6 hours

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 free charging plate offer may have sold out in less than 6 hours

Summary: I was going to order a Nokia Lumia 920 late last night when pre-orders started, but couldn't decide on a color. I ordered this morning, but the free wireless charging plate looks to already be out of stock and no longer available.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 free charging plate offer may have sold out in less than 6 hours

I received a press release for the Lumia 920 pre-order that started just after midnight tonight for only $99.99. I couldn't decide on a color at first so slept on it and this morning I went on and ordered a cyan 920 at the full, non-subsidized price of just $450. AT&T stated they were offering a free wireless charging plate while supplies last and apparently supplies are already OUT! I just wrote yesterday about the Nokia accessory play and it seems the accessories, combined with the low price, may be enough to get people in the store.

UPDATE: It turns out they are NOT out of the charging plates and just had a completely messed up ordering system. If you order now, even paying full price, you will find that the black charging plate is added automatically to your order. My problem is the AT&T system keeps canceling my preorders (tried 3 times now) so I have to call a special number to see if I can get them to accept my money and give me the phone I want. You would think it would be easier than this to support the Windows Phone 8 launch.

From what I could find online (trying to confirm with AT&T), the Nokia wireless charging pad looks to have a cost of around $88 $49 by itself. It was not available anywhere on the AT&T site when I placed my preorder for the 920. I called customer service and they couldn't find it in their system either and there was nothing they could do since it was a limited supply offer. I am testing out a Fatboy pillow charging solution and will now have to pull out my Energizer Qi pad and test it since I apparently missed out on the free wireless charging pad from AT&T.

You may recall that I paid $820 for a 32GB iPhone 5 and when you look at my non-subsidized price of $497 (with taxes) you see that Nokia is pricing their device very competitively to try to gain customers. At $99.99 for a 2-year contract price, I hope Nokia is getting a good carrier subsidy or else they won't make money and will have a tougher time staying competitive. Then again, they need mind share to gain market share so that may be a risk they are willing to take.

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  • AT&T Rep stated differently

    The rep I spoke with at AT&T advised that even though the charging pad does not show up as an item to order, my phone will still ship with it (just ordered about 5 minutes ago).
    Taylor Doolittle
    • That would be great!

      I hope that rep is more knowledgeable than the one I spoke with then. I wonder if it will be black or match the color of the phone you ordered?
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Just chatted with att rep

        she wasn't be able to add that in the cart
        but said that the charging pad will be shipped with the phone.
      • It's black

        When I ordered last night, the offer said you'd get a black charging pad. (I ordered the cyan phone.)
      • You need to add the charger to yiur cart where it will be discounted to $0

        when you order the phone, you need to order the charger when you get to the accessories option. Unfortunately, ATT only shows you some accessories by default...As such, you need to also add the specialty accessory categories to the selection check boxes. This will show the lumia chargers. Only if you add the black one will it be free. I tried to add the cyan and it was only given a 10% discount.
        Jake Gamlieli
        • Charging plate nowhere to be seen

          I'm trying but I don't see the charger on AT&T accessories anymore. HELP!
          Sandeep Vuriti
    • Chatting with 2 different rep

      Seems like ATT didn't tell their online rep on how this deal works and how to help customers on making the order since their site doesn't even carry the wireless charger at this time.
      • Shows up for me.

        I logged in and went throught he upgrade deal and sure enough the charging plate is there. It was a long ways down the list and there were no product images, but it was there.

        My concern is the ship date for the yellow 920. I'd like to know if they're going to have yellow in stock in stores on the 9th or if I should go ahead and suffer the wait until the 14th and just pre-order now.
        • Doesn't show up for me and another rep confirmed out of stock

          Hmm, I couldn't get it to show up even when I ordered a few hours ago. I just had a chat session and again the agent stated it was out of stock and only a first come, first serve offer. Did they have 10, 100, or 1000 available? Would be great if a pad showed up with my order though.
          palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
        • When did you do that?

          I've been trying all morning and just ended up pre-ordering it as is. It'll be nice to have the wireless charger, but if even if not, it's a phone that I wanted anyway so it wont make much of a difference tbh.

          Yeah, wondering how many do they have, would be interesting to know. Maybe Nokia/MS should just throw in this wireless charger to help push it more. :)
          • Well...

            Still shows up for me. I tried asking the rep through chat about the Yellow Lumia and that was a waste of time. They were not able to provide any information on availablity.

            However, I did - literally just a few moments ago - go back through AT&T's website and the charging pad still shows up. I can add it to the cart, and when I get to the check-out it shows it's price and then zero's the price out with a note about the promotion underneath. There is no quantity of stock listed.

            How am I getting to this page?

            I have a suspicion that is the key to why I am seeing it and you are not. I am navigating to this page through my AT&T account. Going to - I click My AT&T. I log in - click no to paperless billing for the BILLIONTH TIME, then am taken to my account management screen.

            From the account management's "I want to..." drop down menu I select "Check Upgrade Options". This will take you to a screen with a list of phones on your account. I click "Upgrade Eligibility" next to the phone I'm wanting to upgrade.

            I then am taken to a page that says "You're eligible for an upgrade at a discounted price. " with a giant iPhone 5 promo image - below that on the right I select "Smartphones" from the "View All Phones" box.

            This loads a page with a list of all the smartphones and the Lumia 920's are at the top of that list. I click "Preorder Now" under the phone I want (doesn't matter which one, I've tried it with them all). This opens a window (not technically a window but to a non-nerd they probably perceive it as a new window) that says: "Get a Free Black Charging Plate ($49 value) with the purchase of the Nokia Lumia 920 with a 2 year service agreement. In order to take advantage of this offer, be sure to select the Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate on the next page. " with two buttons - one says "Select a different device" and the other says "Continue with selection". I click "Continue with selection".

            I am then directed to a page titled Accessories. In the "Filter Accessories" table there are several checkboxes - the "Chargers and batteries" option is selected by default.

            Three rows down the accessories list, first item in the row is "Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate". This is the free charging pad. There is a drop down list to select quantity, I select one and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add To Cart.

            Now, there's some odd behavior there if I try to keep my existing plan instead of adding a whole new plan - even with adding a data package it still charges $199 for the phone and the pad isn't free. I think it's because I'm trying to upgrade the phone that's not linked to the main account or whatever - but nonetheless I can see the charging pad and if I do add a new plan and such - the pad shows up as free in my cart.
          • Charger Pad Free

            Wow, gommer_gcn, you're patient in your explanation. I did basically the same thing at 7pm eastern on Nov 8. Ordered the Red 920, phone upgrade on existing account. Phone price shown as discounted from $199 to $99. Black charger added to cart overtly, then the price was deducted from cart properly. Two-day UPS shipping (free). Did not give me a designated delivery timeframe. I've been waiting for this phone for months - an other few days won't matter.
          • It's Here!

            Red Lumina 920 ordered late 11/08 (week ago today) IS HERE! Gorgeous, stately, ALIVE live tiles. Cool. It arrived with the new SIM Card already installed. Over 50% battery charge. Out-of-box fit and finish is classy (though still quintessentially ATT). The phone is solid and well-balanced (this is the first time I've held it). The rolled-edge Gorilla Glass is so classy - don't know of anything like it. The black-on-red is very much to my taste (was close to ordering yellow :). The Windows 8 tile dynamics on window changes is new and different, and cool (again). Sign me Delighted.
    • I was told the same thing.

      I was told the same thing by two live chat reps today.
      Edith Bynum
  • Now that Google sells the unsubsidized Nexus 4 starting at 299.00...

    ..."just 450" is starting to sound kind of ludicrous, especially for a platform that isn't in high demand (unless, of course, you throw freebies at people as potentially seen here). It boggles my mind that in this day and age we still accept these unsubsidized phone prices as a normality. If anything, entry priced tablets packing serious hardware (Nexus 7, iPad mini, Kind Fire hd 8.9 etc) should make it clear that the phones are NOT worth anywhere NEAR the 450, 550, 650 and even 700.00 (Galaxy Note/Note 2) carriers get you to pay out of contract.

    Hopefully the Nexus devices will serve to push the entire industry's unsubsidized prices down to where we realize 450.00 for a phone isn't a deal, it's taking it up the you know what without a reach around.
    • ern

      A good Camera?

      didnt think so.
      And thats for an 8GB model.... seriously why do google fans keep going on about the nuxus? Its cheap cause its a crappy phone like all LG phones before it... Name 1 good LG phone....
      • Nice try, but an LTE radio and a few GBs of RAM...

        ...are not components that are worth 3 or 400.00. The reality is that almost NONE of the components in ANY of these devices are worth more than 10 or 20.00 by themselves anymore. The only exceptions are the screens and the prices there are coming down drastically. As for the camera, the Nexus one may not be as good as the iPhone, but it's certainly not worth that kind of price difference. And it's not like the carriers don't know the Lumia's components aren't enough to drive people out to the stores in droves... that's why the IN-contract prices are practically free.
        • so

          I bet you that the screen is nothing compared to the screen on the 920.... Go post some stats if you want?

          FYI 450-300 is 150 quid.....

          150 quid for a much better camera, more memory etc... most people would say thats worth it.... the 920 comes with 32gb of memory.

          Google Play was set at $299 for an 8 GB model, and $349 for a 16 GB model

          so from a simple piece of maths you cant seem to do.... 8GB of memory costs $50... so the 32GB version if they did one would cost $150 more.... putting it at the same price as the 32GB 920...

          So how is it better value for money?
          • You are incapable of grasping the concept...

            ...that what I'm talking about is bigger than the stupid Lumia and Nexus comparison you keep making. While you may be correct that the Lumia is only 150 more than the nexus, that's not the point. The point is that so long as continue considering 450.00 a "good deal" for a smartphone, the carriers will continue to be happy to carry on their 5, 6 and 700.00 phone assaults.

            The Nexus simply proves that phones have no excuse for costing that much off subsidy. And by the way, the reason the Nexus doesn't contain LTE has little to do with the cost of the hardware, and a lot more to do with the fact that the CDMA carriers won't play nice with Google requiring more radios and more battery drain in a phone that is sold as a single model.
          • You are not getting it

            You are comparing a device with fewer features that is cheaper to one that has more features and is more expensive. More features = more expensive.