AT&T takes texting and driving seriously with the Pantech Discover

AT&T takes texting and driving seriously with the Pantech Discover

Summary: AT&T is a vocal carrier when it comes to encouraging people not to text and drive. The solid Pantech Discover Android smartphone integrates this application and focuses on the end user experience.


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  • (Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller)

    AT&T DriveMode

    Automatic activation means that DriveMode launches when you move faster than 25 mph. When DriveMode is on, all calls will be sent to voicemail while texts and emails will get auto replies telling people you are driving. You still have full control on whether or not these auto replies are sent, so don't worry that it is spamming people. You can edit and customize the message that goes out with your auto replies, too. Up to five phone numbers can be listed that can be called while moving as well.

    In the upper left there is an icon for 911 so in an emergency, you can also still make that important call. The idea of DriveMode is great.

  • (Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller)

    AT&T DriveMode

    Along the bottom of the DriveMode screen you will see icons for your Allow List, Music, and Navigation. Thus, if DriveMode is active you can set one music application to enjoy music and one navigation app to get around in your vehicle. BTW, I used Google Music and Google Navigation as my default apps.

    I personally would like to see such an application on all smartphones, and encourage people to use it if you are on AT&T. If you are tempted to text or call, this application helps reduce the likelihood that you will use poor judgement.

  • (Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller)


    Pantech quick actions bar.

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