AT&T to be exclusive carrier for Amazon smartphone

AT&T to be exclusive carrier for Amazon smartphone

Summary: According to reports, US carrier AT&T will be the only company which will host Amazon's smartphone, expected to be unveiled this week.


AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for Amazon's newly-anticipated smartphone, bringing the companies closer and potentially attracting additional subscribers for AT&T in a time of fierce competition.

Amazon has yet to reveal its long-rumored smartphone, but according to the Wall Street Journal, an exclusive carrier has been selected ahead of the smartphone's expected launch on Wednesday.

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Amazon says Appstore inventory triples to 240,000

Amazon says Appstore inventory triples to 240,000

Ahead of what is expected to be a smartphone launch, Amazon touts its Appstore count, which trails Apple and Google, but has a solid showing.

Citing people familiar with the plans, the publication says that the handset will be shipped in September -- ahead of the holiday season -- and as smartphone competition heats up, Amazon plans to distinguish itself through three-dimensional viewing technology.

Amazon's rumored handset, joining the company's Kindle tablet range and e-readers, is expected to contain 3D technology through retina tracking as well as potentially fresh advances in gesture control and navigation.

As a late entry into the already congested smartphone space, such technology could help the company gain leverage in a highly competitive market. Apple and Samsung are the current industry leaders, while handset makers such as Nokia and BlackBerry have faced dwindling sales as competitors outstripped them in innovation and advanced consumer technology.

AT&T once held an exclusive contract with the launch of the original iPhone, which assisted the firm in securing lucrative subscriber contracts in the past. If Amazon's smartphone proves a popular novelty in a world where smartphones are all reaching the point of looking the same, the exclusivity deal could once again provide the carrier with a leg-up against rivals including T-Mobile and Verizon.

Amazon's smartphone is expected to be unveiled at an event in Seattle on Wednesday. View the teaser video below:


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  • Good for AT&T

    My understanding is Jobs approached Verizon initially with the iPhone and Verizon didn't want to accept Apple's control of the phone whereas AT&T was willing. No idea how things played out here but AT&T does seem to do a better job landing exclusive deals on their network.

    I'm very curious to see if Amazon is going to show off some truly innovative features or if it's all hype.
  • Apple set a very bad precedent

    Which Amazon is now following. How the hardware is used is not properly the business of the manufacturer, whose interest should come to an end as soon as the merchandise is paid for (except for such aspects as are properly the subject of warranties).

    Hopefully, Amazon won't be as heavy handed in enforcing this exclusivity as Apple was.
    John L. Ries
  • I thought the iPhone couldn't hold a call

    So Apple chose AT&T because of their spotty coverage at the time. That way they could blame the carrier rather than a poor technical design. The iPhone wasn't really a good enough *phone* to allow you to drop your landline until the 4S came out.
    • I doubt that

      I think it far more likely that AT&T was willing to front more money for development than the other major carriers were.
      John L. Ries
  • could be a winner

    with reasonably good specs and a recognizable brand name (amazon/kindle/whatever), if the pricing is good as rumoured, they do not need fancy features to sell it.

    t-mobile customers and MVNO customers can also buy at full price and use it on a non at&t plan.
  • If ATT is the carrier, then count me out

    If Amazon were the one I did business with, and it on the side contracted, that would be fine. But I don't want to deal with two entities.
  • AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for Amazon's newly-anticipated smartphon

    Rather sad! Even if Amazon has a smartphone worth getting, and I am a Prime member, I would never buy it because of it being on the AT&T network. Their spotty coverage across the country at places I live and travel to is crap. Can you make a phone call on their network, yes, but a data connection is quite the other story.
    • Glad they chose AT&T

      AT&T is the only carrier I can imagine using. Verizon sucks everywhere I go but AT&T always has perfect coverage.