Athlon gets a new motherboard

Athlon gets a new motherboard

Summary: Soyo Computer releases Motherboard designed specifically for AMD's new 800MHz processor

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One of Taiwan's largest motherboard manufacturers Soyo Computer, on Monday gave Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) yet another boost with a new product designed for the chip designer's recently-introduced 800MHz Athlon processor.

The SY-K7AIA motherboard has a single Slot-A socket for AMD's K7/Athlon CPU, the AMD-750 chipset and the 200MHz system interface. Its ATX form factor board supports all Slot-A AMD CPUs of 500MHz and faster.

It includes three 168-pin SDRAM 3.3v DIMM sockets, supporting a total of up to 768MB of memory. The board also supports PC 100 DIMMs, and provides Error Correction Capability (ECC).

Expandability comes from five 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots, two 16-bit ISA slots (one shared ISA/PCI slot) and one AGP slot with support for AGP 1x/2x graphics.

AMD is the largest competitor to dominant chipmaker Intel. The company introduced its 800MHz Athlon at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

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Topic: Hardware

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