ATO, Immigration downplay Win7 plans

ATO, Immigration downplay Win7 plans

Summary: Two of Australia's largest federal government departments, the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, have revealed they are not yet seriously examining Microsoft's incoming Windows 7 operating system.


Two of Australia's largest federal government departments, the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, have revealed they are not yet seriously examining Microsoft's incoming Windows 7 operating system.

We haven't tested it yet but it is being considered

DIAC spokesperson

Like the overwhelming majority of large Australian organisations, both departments currently use Windows XP as their desktop platform. The ATO has more than 30,000 desktops. Although the size of DIAC's fleet is unclear, it would be likely to have a sizeable fleet as it has more than 8000 staff. "We haven't tested it yet but it is being considered," said a spokesperson for DIAC.

They added the department was currently putting together a broader ICT strategic plan that would consider, among other issues, a future move to a new Windows platform. "We'll move only if it benefits the department," the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for the ATO said the agency had not yet started planning a Windows 7 move and had no further comment.

The news comes as Australia's largest organisations have started to express their views on Microsoft's incoming operating system. It is widely expected to be released in the second half of 2009, although the software maker has not yet set a launch date for the software.

The University of Technology Sydney today said it believed it would move to Windows 7 eventually so it didn't get too many releases behind, but it would skip the much-maligned Windows Vista. Welfare agency Centrelink has praised the early versions of Windows 7, saying they showed a jump in quality over Vista, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia has examined the software but is yet to formally test it.

However, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, which is one of the only large Australian organisations to have rolled out Vista, said it had no plans to upgrade to Windows 7, as the priority following the Vista roll-out was to settle into its implementation and realise its benefits. The Department of Defence too, has no immediate plans.

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  • Theme

    Neither are the defence department:,130061733,339295985,00.htm

    in all seriousness, are you just ringing around every government department to see if they aren't doing anything? Do you think they'll admit that?

    I guess you have to start somewhere, but why pick on windows 7? There's plenty of other things these people aren't doing with our tax dollars.
  • Waste

    When I got to the end of the article I'm wondering how i'm going to get that 2mins of my life back.

    Hard hitting technology journalism..... you be the judge.
  • Here's a lead for you

    Hey Renai, my company is testing Windows 7 so you can write a hard hitting article about that.

    Also, there are several companies in our same building who either are or are not testing Windows 7. Should be enough leads to keep you going for a few weeks.

    Seriously, is news really that hard to come by?
  • Newsflash - ASIO not testing Commodore 64

    I called ASIO today and they stated they are definitely not considering a deployment of Commodore 64s.
  • Windows 7 again !

    I'll find out the numbers for :
    i) ACCC
    ii) ACMA
    iii) etc

    May be we should look into private sector too.
  • Balanced Reporting

    Nothing interesting happens most of the time, yet most news sites are full of stories about the interesting new things that are going on. That gives a misleading view of the world.

    ZDNet are taking a more balanced approach.

    Good luck to them.
  • Surely Not

    Is Renai getting paid for this dribble?
  • Renai is great !

    Sick of Windows. Really.
  • Win7

    hey guys,

    I don't expect everything we do to be popular ;) But sometimes it's important.

    We're looking into enterprise adoption of Windows 7 because it's an issue a lot of readers are interested in. We've done similar series around a whole swathe of technologies (Linux, VoIP, Exchange, Gmail, and so on).

    We did a similar series around Windows Vista which led to the general conclusion that it was broadly ignored by most large organisations in Australia.

    I think it'll be a different case with Win7, but we have to investigate and see.


    Renai LeMay
    News Editor
  • What about Vista ?

    Most of these departments are tied to outsource deals that dictate software versions at "n-1". Why don't you ask the departments when their outsourcer is going to move them to Vista after the release of Windows 7 and how much it is going to cost them in contract variations to stay on XP or move to Windows 7 ?!