Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise appoints new head for Australia

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise appoints new head for Australia

Summary: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Netherlands country sales director, Maud Holvast, will be moving to Sydney to take on the role.


Communications vendor Alcatel-Lucent has named Maud Holvast as the new vice-president for its enterprise division across Australia and New Zealand.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise new head for Australia, Maud Holvast.
(Image: Alcatel-Lucent)

Holvast is taking over from Mark Buckley.

Holvast hails from the Netherlands, where she was the country sales director, again, for the vendor's enterprise division. She has been with the company since 2003, and has a wealth of experience in the channel space.

Holvast, who will be moving to Sydney for her new role, is keen to grow the local business as the world enters the "personal cloud era" that is shaping the enterprise market.

"The ways people are communicating are rapidly being redefined by the technology evolution, and this is accelerating the need for business to adopt new business models," she said in a statement. "There is a lot of buzz around innovation in Australia, as organisations look to invest in mobility and the cloud, and we are well positioned to leverage this with our strong roadmap of product development."

Holvast held positions at KPN and CMG Wireless Data Solutions prior to joining Alcatel Lucent.

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