Daily Cuppa: Samsung goes after iPhone 5 as Apple catches up

Daily Cuppa: Samsung goes after iPhone 5 as Apple catches up

Summary: The courts may have dealt Samsung a terrible blow in the US, but it is still ahead of Apple in sales, and is now taking on the iPhone 5.

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Another day, another claim in the ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung. It must be Wednesday.

Samsung's lawyers in the US have added the iPhone 5 to the list of Apple products that the company believes have infringed on its patents. There are no new patents involved at this stage; Samsung is just claiming that the patents the other iPhone models infringed on are also infringed in the iPhone 5. The company is expected to also claim that parts of the iPhone 5's 4G functionality infringe on Samsung-held patents.

In good news for Samsung, the ban on the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has also been lifted, and the company remains the biggest seller in the phone market in the US, at 25.7 percent market share. But Apple is catching up, moving up to 17.1 percent market share in August, up from 15 percent in May.

iPhone users have also found another bug in iOS 6. This time, it appears that customers are using mobile data, despite being connected to Wi-Fi networks. This is a good way to get bill shock very quickly. According to reports, it's pretty widespread, with Verizon customers in the US, and Telstra and Vodafone customers in Australia reporting it. We're trying to find out more about it, and we'll let you know what we discover.

If you're worried about battery life in iOS 6, too, here are a few helpful hints about what you can do about it.

Overnight, hacking group GhostShell dumped 120,000 records from around 100 universities, including email addresses, passwords, Ids, and names of students and faculty members. The universities include Harvard, Princeton and New York University.

And, finally, Oracle OpenWorld continues, with the company announcing the seven pillars of its so-called Cloud Cathederal. These "pillars," or products, are essentially focused on planning and budgeting, financial reporting, social network data analytics, a hosted corporate social network, a developer service, a storage cloud, and a message cloud.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Samsung


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  • Correction

    Hi Josh. As soon as I read that "[Samsung] remains the biggest seller in the smartphone market in the US", I knew something was wrong. Apple -- not Samsung -- has the largest *smartphone* market share in the US. The percentages you are quoting are for all types of mobile phones, including non-smartphones, which happen to outnumber smartphones by a wide margin. Considering that Apple is not even *in* the non-smartphone market, it's not really fair to compare Samsung's non-smartphone market share to Apple's.

    BTW, I noticed this in 30 seconds while casually surfing the net at home while eating a bowl of ice cream (chocolate moose tracks; and yes, it is *very* good!). You, on the other hand do this as a profession. A professional should be a whole lot more careful about what they write (and read; read that other article you referenced again). You should be glad I'm not your editor. You'd be fired on the spot. Not to be mean or anything. Just sayin'.
    • Thanks

      In my defence, it was quite early in the morning. So my apologies. It has been corrected.

      Given if you were my editor, you'd see it before it went up, I'm not so sure about that ;)
      Josh Taylor
      • So what did you fix???

        The misleading and false claim is still posted.
        • here

        • some people like josh

          are pu....

          i am sorry ... i am apple... therefore i am god...
  • Good!

    Apple is reeling from the issues with the latest iPhone and hopefully Samsung will do them a favor and get it blocked so they have time to fix the issues.
  • slickjim .... u

    have issues... fix them too