Dotcom picks up New Zealand domain for storage site relaunch

Dotcom picks up New Zealand domain for storage site relaunch

Summary: After a false start on his new cloud service website, Kim Dotcom has settled on


After the government of Gabon objected to Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's attempt to secure the domain for his new cloud storage service, Dotcom has picked up

The teaser page for Mega.
(Screenshot by Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

Earlier this month, Dotcom outed his plans for a new cloud storage site that would be "bigger, better, faster, stronger, [and] safer" than the original, and will be launched on the one-year anniversary of his arrest and the shutdown of Megaupload by US authorities.

According to the site, documents will be safe on the service, because data will be encrypted and decrypted in the users' browser, rather than through the site.

Shortly after the announcement, the government of Gabon objected to the use of the domain. Dotcom today announced that New Zealand will be the home of Mega, with registered through Melbourne-based domain registrar Instra.

"New Zealand will be the home of our new website:," Dotcom tweeted. "Powered by legality and protected by the law."

Dotcom also said that he would be ordering servers in Germany where "they don't do the puppet dance for the White House."

He told TorrentFreak that he is confident that the site would not be successfully challenged by the government in New Zealand.

"The judiciary in New Zealand works. Judges are independent and not influenced by politics. That has been our experience so far," Dotcom reportedly said.

It comes as Dotcom continues to fight extradition back to the United States to face charges of copyright infringement, among others. He has argued that his former website Megaupload was protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but US prosecutors allege that the website encouraged users to infringe on copyrighted music, software, and movies, costing copyright owners an estimated US$500 million in revenue.

In June, the raid on Dotcom's residence was ruled illegal by the High Court, which called into question the admissibility of the evidence obtained during that raid. In July, the hearing into whether Dotcom should be extradited to the US was delayed until March 2013.

The New Zealand government apologised to Dotcom in September, after it was revealed that the Government Communications Security Bureau illegally spied on the Megaupload founder prior to his arrest.

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  • New Zealand Home of the New High Tech Manson Family

    "New Zealand will be the home of our new website:," Dotcom tweeted. "Powered by legality and protected by the law."

    translated: Powered by corruption and anti-american sentiment.

    Kim Dot*jerk is nothing more than a common crook. imagine if he downloaded $500,000,000 from the bank accounts of new zealanders (instead of the bank accounts of artists) then you would hear them scream. as long as he steals from non-new zealanders everything is hunky dory.

    but he's actually smart because he has the new zealand courts and police wrapped around his enormous sweaty finger. criminals take note. new zealand is the place to be.
    • if he downloaded $500,000,000 from the bank accounts of new zealanders...

      When did he download $500,000,000 from the bank accounts of artists?

      Don't forget that Dotcom actually has the support of some artists, because he provides a service for them to use.
    • All wrong but:

      Anti American is the only correct statement that you made - And I think you would be Anti-Ameican too if your whole life got destroyed for as long as his has - because another country decides that (even thought it fully complies with its laws) that it doesn't like it.

      His website complies with the laws 100% - if you don't like the laws then try and change them - don't take peoples lives away. Kim Dotcom himself - Did not pirate any material and he can not be held responsable for its customers that broke its user agreements / the law.

      Arguements also exist that say movie/music piracy actually helps out them out and most have paid for the content in one way or another
      Robert Bone
    • to Sheepeater777

      Actually you'll find Mr Sheeptwat777 that most NZ'ers cant stand him either and would prefer the fat crim out of the country. I take it you live in a 3rd world country where the Despot changes the laws at his whim? If you do, then you'll need to realize countries that are democratic by nature can not do that. We also wont pander to big American corporations - as they possibly do in your country. So take that big fat enormous sweaty finger of Dot*Jerks (as you so eloquently put it) and shove it up your just as fat gobby a*se - while hes at it, hopefully he'll enjoy it enough that he leaves our country alone and makes a hobby of it.
  • as long as he steals from non-new zealanders everything is hunky dory

    ..well I'm a New Zealand software developer who sees dramatic falls in revenue everytime my software is released (pirated) on megaupload (and similar sites). So please extradite Dotcom USA.
    Movie makes here have reported that everytime they ask for a pirated link to be taken down...a new link takes it's place within the hour. Megaupload allows the same pirated file to be linked 1000's of times, and only takes down one of the links at a time. Claiming Kim obeyed the DMCA (technically) - It's a sick joke.
    All the short sighted New Zealanders who cheer for Kim because they get free movies are screwing over our own film industry, movies like the Lord of the Rings and parts of Avatar were made here, so Kim's taking a significant chunk of money of New Zealanders too.
    • So please extradite Dotcom USA.

      How is Dotcom responsible for what other people do? all he is doing is providing a service for people to use.

      A M134 Minigun can fire 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute, but the manufacturer isn't responsible for what others do with it.