Labor promises free NBN training for small businesses

Labor promises free NBN training for small businesses

Summary: Australian businesses will have little excuse on how to leverage the NBN, with the Australian government continuing to hand out grants for free training.

TOPICS: NBN, Start-Ups, Australia

The Australian government is continuing to spend on raising the awareness of the National Broadband Network (NBN) within businesses, with it announcing another around of grants on Monday.

The Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy, Innovation and Industry Kate Lundy said that the government will provide the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) with a grant of AU$542,900 to provide free training to small and medium-sized businesses that want to prepare for the NBN.

The funding comes out of the government's Digital Enterprise Program, and will serve businesses in Melbourne's inner south, inner east, south east, and the Mornington Peninsula.

"The Rudd Labor government wants to make sure that businesses are getting the most out of the NBN, and VECCI is the perfect fit to promote the benefits of high-speed broadband," Lundy said in a statement.

Melbourne's north west and outer east are already being supported by an AU$413,000 grant provided to the Darebin Enterprise Centre announced in July, and also aimed at providing NBN support and training to businesses in the area.

Earlier this month, the government provided the Australian Services Roundtable and Restaurant & Catering Australia each with AU$500,000 in funding to produce a "digital business kit" aimed at getting businesses to use the NBN. A total of AU$5 million has been budgeted for the kits, which are expected to cover 10 industry sectors.

Topics: NBN, Start-Ups, Australia

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  • More money, never ending gravy train of govt largess

    More money, very few that can connect. Small businesses aren't familiar with the Internet? Seriously this govt has no idea.

    Why's the link to the media release archive gone from NBNCo's website?
    Richard Flude
    • No idea

      Don't worry @Richard #Fraudband is coming to a Node near you.
  • Sounds reasonable to me

    Outside of the IT industry, these kinds of training programs will be useful in helping business owners (who aren't necessarily tech savvy) capitalise on the NBN's potential.

    I think one of the issues facing the NBN has been selling the benefits against all the FUD, hopefully this helps to some degree.
  • Interesting Stats

    1. We have the NBN in town and we have had this sort of training for business as well as the general community for quite some time. (which the community has really appreciated)

    Now for the stats, everyone that carries on about ... no one wants it... or no one can connect.

    Armidale has about 12,000 homes, 5,000 are now connected, yes Richard CONNECTED) to the NBN with only a couple thousand who either listen to Richard or are waiting for current contracts to expire.

    Shish what a waste of money the NBN was :)
    • Good for the fine citizens of Armidale

      Being the first, after many years, 12k have the option (presumably not many live in MDUs in this regional centre) and less than half have taken it up.

      Costing more than 4k per connection, still without a wholesale agreement in place those citizens can get 100mbps FTTH with continuing taxpayer subsidy.

      AA published a link to the extraordinary productivity improvements; a design firm can upload the few billboards the produce a week much faster (noted connecting was a disaster). Of course without a govt small business centre (govt financed of course) none of this would have been possible (assuming they used its service), one other business was thinking of relocating (but hasn't).

      Regardless of the election result (voted this morning) these citizens' service will remain unchanged. The 10+m other premises without a high speed connection might get something sooner, for less cost (installation and ongoing).Customer Service Guarantee of 10 days connection for major regional missed by a massive margin.

      6 years of Labor, FTTH delivered to 150k premises. Costs acknowledged to be increasing. What's to worry about? Such value for money and documented benefits;-)
      Richard Flude
  • Revisiting old talkbacks

    Funny now with the revisiting of high speed rail by Labor. Strangely only a few posts has proven correct;-)
    Richard Flude