Leaked Telstra plans show T-Mobile offering

Leaked Telstra plans show T-Mobile offering

Summary: Telstra appears to be adopting T-Mobile-style BYO plans, based on pricing leaked to ZDNet.

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Telstra pricing plans due to be released tomorrow and leaked to ZDNet tonight have revealed that the telco is planning to offer "no lock-in" plans, similar to those offered by T-Mobile in the US.

Telstra plans
(Image: Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

The plans, called Telstra No Lock-In, will have no contract period, but an AU$50 fee for existing customers wishing to switch to the plan. There's also a no mobile repayment option (MRO) bonus, and they will be designed for customers to bring an existing or new handset over that they have paid for already.

The plans start at AU$60 per month with 1GB of data included and AU$600 worth of calls, up to AU$130 per month for 3GB of data and unlimited calls.

The telco is also bringing in a lower AU$40 plan called "Below The Line", which Telstra has told sales staff is to only be used as an offer of last resort or in order to retain an existing customer.

While the data charges remain in place, the plans do share many of the aspects of the T-Mobile "uncarrier" plans announced in March. Telstra told ZDNet at the time that it had no plans to launch similar offerings.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra


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  • expensive

    Whilst a step in the right direction, it is still extremely expensive even when compared to Telstra plans that include a phone.
  • Telstra?

    Still a MAJOR overcharge/ripoff. Check the pricing in Asia and see why the cost of business in Australia is high. It's not only government charges, it's this sort of blatant ripoff that hits us every day. The $40 pm plan "gives" you $300 of calls. Give me a break. The $300 is overinflated so that it makes the $40 look like a bargain. I can use my phone, with a Vietel SIM, for $20 per month and get unlimited calls plus data. Our culture is simply "charge more".
    • What the ?

      So you're comparing Australia with Asian countries which have less average income ? Who do you think operates the network in Australia ?? Asia ??
  • Howie

    The issue is not what the Asians undercharge but how much Telstra overcharges. Remember that Telstra has been shutting call centres in AUS to reduce costs, for example, and the actual cost of running the network is not so enormous as to justify the difference in plan costs. When I returned from Asia and regained consciousness after seeing Telstra's rates, I actually moved to Optus which, for $19 gave me a comparable deal to Telstra's $40BTL deal shown in this ZdNet article. Telstra was expensive when I left AUS and after three years abroad the gap between Telstra and the others has only widened.