Man charged over damaging Telstra cables in Sydney

Man charged over damaging Telstra cables in Sydney

Summary: A man has been charged with allegedly causing millions of dollars worth of damages to Telstra telecommunications infrastructure in Sydney.


New South Wales Police have charged a man who allegedly caused millions of dollars of damages to Telstra infrastructure in the Manly and Northern Beaches area between September and November this year.

Police said on Saturday that the 25-year-old Cromer man had accessed up to 20 Telstra pits across the Northern Beaches area over the last few months, damaging the telecommunications cables to the point where communications were cut for businesses and residents in the area.

The police said that the man was first arrested on November 27, 2012, and charged with four counts of tampering/interfere with a facility owned by a service provider, two counts of malicious damage, and one account of resisting arrest.

But after being released on bail, the police said that there were another four incidents of damage being done to Telstra infrastructure in the area.

On Friday, the police searched the man's home and he was charged with 29 offences, including 23 counts of malicious damage, one for breaching bail, one for making a false representation to police, and one for resisting arrest.

Bail has been refused.

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  • WTF?

    I've seen mention on this article a few times, but does anyone understand why?
    Was he stealing copper?
    An Ex Telstra employee?
    Worried about the government secretly reading his thoughts?
    Or just frustrated that he wasn't yet on the fibre NBN?
    • Chopper

      I know this guy responsible. Lets just say he's not the full quid. He even went back to the techy whom was fixing it at the time to ask what had happened, needed someone to chat to if you know what I mean. He's a sparky so he knew what cables in the pits to give the old snip snip :)