NBN Co inks $300m satellite launch contract with Arianespace

NBN Co inks $300m satellite launch contract with Arianespace

Summary: NBN Co will reportedly confirm today that it has signed a AU$300 million deal with French organisation Arianespace to launch the two satellites for the network in 2015.

TOPICS: NBN, Australia

NBN Co will this morning confirm that it has signed a AU$300 million deal with French company Arianespace to provide two rockets for the launch of two satellites for the National Broadband Network (NBN) in 2015.

The Herald Sun reported today that the company will build two 777-tonne rockets to launch the two AU$620 million Ka-band satellites, which will be used to provide broadband services to the 3 percent of the population outside of the fibre and fixed-wireless footprints of the NBN.

The satellites will also provide services for Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Macquarie Island, and the Cocos Islands.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy will make the announcement at NBN Co's offices in North Sydney at 10:30am.

The newspaper reported that NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley has indicated that school children will help pick the names of the two satellites as part of a competition to be held by the government-owned company.

Last month, NBN Co announced that the maximum speeds on offer on the satellite and fixed wireless services on the NBN had been more than doubled from 12 megabits per second (Mbps) down and 1Mbps up to 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

Topics: NBN, Australia


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  • Just FYI

    Josh, it's 777 tonne. Confirmed with them this morning via Twitter.....777 000 tonne would be 7 times the size of the Titanic! :D
    • Will correct

      Though according to NBN Co's press release right in front of me, it says it is 777,000 tonne. :)
      Josh Taylor
  • Implications

    So, now the satellite launches are essentially confirmed, we are likely to have the rather perverse situation that the 3% of Australian consumers who will use satellite - as well as the 7% that will use fixed wireless - will have better, and certainly faster, internet access than at least 50% of those who might be unfortunate enough to be connected to the proposed Turnbull Noodle Network (TNN) of fibre to a (fridge sized, powered) node (FTTN). The satellites will provide a guaranteed 25Mb/s link. FTTN will probably provide less than 20Mb/s to at least 50% of the subscribers connected to a node. Go figure......
  • It's all a brilliant ploy...

    ... By MT to get us all to move to the bush.

    Also quick contact Mr Guinness, Josh found a 770 000 tonne white elephant... go Josh.

    Wow it's fun being like the anti-NBN crusaders eh... you can say anything and actually expect people to be taken seriously..
    • No actually

      Nobody takes you seriously except maybe your pal Hubert.
  • Well...

    That's one more than you have ;)

    *rolls eyes*
    • Yes yes

      Blah blah etc
      Hurbet Cumberdale