NBN Co offers 25Mbps wireless service

NBN Co offers 25Mbps wireless service

Summary: NBN Co has begun allowing retail service providers to sell 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up fixed-wireless services as planned.


NBN Co has doubled the speeds on offer on the fixed-wireless long-term evolution (LTE) service, allowing retail service providers (RSPs) to begin offering 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up on the service from this week.

The company said that service providers have been able to offer customers the service since June 18, and NBN Co has started a program of directly communicating with all fixed-wireless areas.

While a number of providers have yet to release their 25/5 plans for fixed wireless, Skymesh has already begun offering its plans, prices slightly higher than its 12/1 plans, but with more data on offer. The plans begin at AU$29.95 per month for 20GB when bundled with a phone line rental, right up to AU$74.95 for 1TB per month when bundled with a phone line rental.

The announcement comes as speculation is rife that NBN Co may miss its target for premises passed by the fixed-wireless service at the end of this month. The company has already confirmed that it is grappling with poor premises location information and difficulty with getting the fixed-wireless signal to premises through tall trees.

NBN Co announced in February that in addition to the doubling of the fixed-wireless service maximum speeds, NBN Co would also double the speeds on offer for the satellite service when it launches in 2015.

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  • this wireless access is only for the

    7 percent who are not able to have the fibre right?
    Blank Look
    • access for more

      and those on the northern beaches in Sydney. Nowhere on the current rollout.
      Bryan Wilde
      • The Northern Beaches are where Cable Internet went to die

        Why would Labor who are building a national broadband network roll it out in the northern beaches when the people in the northern beaches vote overwhelmingly for a party who can see no point in having a national broadband network? There would only be pain for them as every Labor hater protested for their NIMBY rights.
        A hundred years from now there will be the countries with an NBN and there will be the third world. I don't care which party brings it in as long as my kids and grandkids are not relegated to living in the third world.
        Think of it like paving the roads if that helps. There was no requirement to pave the roads when most people walked, rode horses or used stage coaches but you wouldn't return to those days now and I will bet people thought paving the roads was a massive waste of taxpayers money at the time.
        I am just imagining the Liberals of the time saying we will pave the main roads and if you want paved roads to your house then you can pay for it yourself! lol