Telstra mobile shaping still delayed

Telstra mobile shaping still delayed

Summary: Nearly two years since it was first announced, Telstra's plan to shape post-paid mobile customers' internet speed once they exceed their monthly limit is still nowhere in sight.


Telstra's plan to cut bill shock by throttling download speeds for post-paid mobile customers who exceed their monthly data limit is still delayed, almost two years after first announcing it.

Telstra currently warns customers when they're approaching their monthly download limit via SMS, but, once they exceed their limit, unless they pay for additional data upfront, customers must pay an extra 10 cents per megabyte used.

In May 2011, Telstra announced that it would bring in shaping for excess data usage. 3G customers who exceeded their monthly data allowance would have their speed shaped to 48 kilobits per second (Kbps), while 2G customers would be shaped to 15Kbps.

In 2011, Telstra said that the feature would be available sometime in 2012, but it ultimately never eventuated, as the company focused on rolling out its new 4G long-term evolution (LTE) network.

Telstra told ZDNet yesterday that there are still no plans to implement shaping anytime soon.

"This product is under development. As mentioned, we've been working to ensure that is rigorously designed and tested before we make it available to our customers," the company said in a statement.

Optus or Vodafone do not have shaping on post-paid mobile plans either, but shaping has been the norm for fixed broadband plans in Australia for many years.

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  • Unacceptable

    Personally I think this is just unacceptable. I am a long term Telstra customer and I have been waiting for this for years, Much longer than when Telstra first mentioned it. Now 2 years after it has been mentioned by Telstra, There is still no word on when this will actually happen.

    I think Telstra need to give people an explanation better than we focused on 4G last year and didn't have time. I work for an ISP and regardless of the delivery of the connection, Connection shaping is extremely easy to setup!

    Shame on you Telstra!
  • Go prepaid

    The phone companies seems to have no problem tracking your data usage realtime if you are a prepaid customer making the reasoning to delay usage data for post paid usage up to 72 hours (optus) seem like bullsht.

    In any way going postpaid is like placing a time bomb under your financial future hoping that you won't make a mistake resulting in a massive bill that can break you financially.

    This is especially true on LTE. I use my ipad mini to tether my laptop and last month i accidentally forgot to disable my online backup program resulting in it uploading almost 9GB during the early morning at work (laptop is not connected to work lan). It only stopped when I ran out of prepaid data. If that had been postpaid I am scared what the bill would have ended up being. Since it was prepaid all that happened was that I lost my the 9 last GB of my $130 recharge.

  • Rigorously designed?

    The feature wasn't delayed due to focusing on 4G rollout or because of rigorous design and testing. Rather it was delayed because the vendor they chose couldn't deliver. Having been burnt Telstra are now more cautious with the next vendor they have chosen to deliver this function. But I don't expect they are going to make their design any simpler so we will be lucky to see anything this year.
  • Optus DO have shaping...

    ...via their subsidiary Virgin Mobile.

    Virgin Mobile Broadband plans are shaped to 128kbps once the data is exceeded for the first 250Mb. After that, you can either buy a data top up (max 3 allowed per month - i guess if you need more than that you should have been on a higher plan in the first place) or wait until the next billing month.

    There is no excess usage charges on Virgin Mobile Broadband.

    There is on smartphone plans though, which is why i've chosen to carry a pocket wifi to use with my phone and tablet and go on a broadband plan.