ZDNet App Wrap: January 14, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: January 14, 2013

Summary: This week we look at the following newcomers from Apple and Google's app stores: Arrivo Sydney, Facebook Pages Manager, Fitocracy, PlayTube, PresentEasy, Python 3.4 for iOS, Share The Fare, and TrackMySpend.

TOPICS: Apps, Australia

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  • (Credit: TripMate)

    Arrivo Sydney

    Platform: Android

    Price: AU$2.99

    Arrivo Sydney has recently been updated to reflect the availability of GPS data for Sydney buses. The new information means that users can now quickly look up where their bus actually is, or whether there's an earlier one they can jump on that passes their destination.

    It's one of the first few apps to take advantage of the data, but we expect more apps to get onboard soon.

  • (Credit: Facebook)

    Facebook Pages Manager

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    Businesses that have an online presence on Facebook will be able to access statistics and insights into how they are performing on the social network. It also allows administrators to post new updates, photos and responses as the Page, eliminating any accidental posts from personal accounts.

Topics: Apps, Australia

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