Aussies get iPad in March, 'can't confirm' 3G

Aussies get iPad in March, 'can't confirm' 3G

Summary: Apple has today declined to reveal whether the iPad 3G model would be available in Australia.


Apple has today declined to reveal whether the iPad 3G model would be available in Australia, but confirmed that the Wi-Fi-only version would be here in March.

"I can't confirm that [the 3G and Wi-Fi model] will be available in April along with the US," a spokesperson said. "[There's] nothing to be announced today."

However, the model with Wi-Fi (without 3G access) will be available in Australia in March, the spokesperson said. Pricing is as yet unavailable, and will be announced "at a later date", according to the spokesperson.

If the 3G model were to be available in Australia, the spokesperson said there had been no details announced as to whether it will be locked to a carrier. But Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the iPad will be unlocked and use GSM micro SIMs.

A micro SIM, also known as a 3FF or "third form factor" SIM, is a smaller version of a SIM card that holds the same data. Physically, it is not compatible with larger SIM cards like the ones used by most telecommunication companies in Australia.

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  • Micro SIM?

    Since no telco/ISP in Australia uses micro SIM cards would that mean the 3G version may not be sold here?
  • Big deal

    Whoop de effing doo, an oversize ipod touch with an underpowered processor and pathetically low resolution screen.
    But I'm sure the stupid mac users will all rush to buy one. Then again, they'd queue for an iTurd if apple made one.
  • Not an issue

    Micro SIMs are just normal SIMs with extra plastic around the edges removed.

    Telcos can get the equipment to punch out micro sims within days if they want it.
  • Yes, it is a big deal.

    If you don't like/want an iPad, okay. But don't make it a 'mac' thing and label people generally. It kind of reveals where the bigotry lies...
  • Yep - Big Deal

    iPhone left Windows Mobile in the dust... in what 2 years?
    look if you don't like Apple products don't buy them... go rant on your blog and steam up your own LCD.
    I guess the sting of an Apple success story cuts deep huh ;-)
    Don't worry... we wont forget ya...