AVG developing antivirus app for Mac OS X

AVG developing antivirus app for Mac OS X

Summary: AVG developing anti-virus app for Mac OS X


AVG, which is best known for its free Windows antivirus tool, is developing a version of its security application for Apple's OS X platform. However, the company is not yet sure if the product will make it out of the lab.

Speaking at a media luncheon in Sydney on Thursday afternoon, Larry Bridwell, global security strategist at parent firm Grisoft, revealed that the company's research and development teams have been looking at porting its antivirus application to OS X.

"We are in the process of looking at that and seeing what the benefits of that are -- especially since we have done the [Linux] BSD version, which makes it a little bit easier to port to the Mac.

"It is in research and development right now to see if it is going to come out," said Bridwell.

Security experts have for some time been predicting that Apple's OS X platform will be targeted by the type of malware that is usually associated with Microsoft's Windows operating system. However, apart from a few proof-of-concept samples, OS X seems to have remained untouched.

Bridwell, who admits to using OS X and Linux at home, argued that there is no such thing as a secure operating system.

"If you are buying OS X to be totally secure you are in a dream world. There is no such thing -- on the open market at least -- as a secure operating system.

"There are operating systems that can be locked down to be more secure but as long as human beings use them and as long as humans are susceptible to social engineering and susceptible to making mistakes, those products will have vulnerabilities," he said.

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  • AVG for OS X??

    Well, if I were to run an anti-virus application on my Mac, I would certainly be more likely to select AVG than anything from the FUD spreaders...
  • This would be great!

    I administer organizations and enterprises. Norton Client Security's OS X server is terrible. If AVG/Mac had a server component we'd be there.
  • AVG for Mac OS X

    As a new Mac owner, I think the idea is great!
    No system is secure and it only takes one virus to cause you nothing but grief, pain and heartache.

    I used AVG on Windows XP for more than a year. I also used many other programs for anti-virus, anti-spyware, worms and the whole line of garbage on-line for many years. The PC and computer stabilazation business is a huge money-maker for security software manufacturers. I put an end to the agitating PC expenses by switching to a Mac Tiger.
  • AVG for OSX

    I've heard nothing but great things about AVG from my friends who own PC's. As a Mac devotee' I would use the OSX version in a heartbeat. Please work out whatever kinks are in the lab version. It would be a great favor to the Mac community.
  • Looking Forward to IT!!!!

    I have used AVG for my PCs' which have protected them from virus and now I am working on Mac. Looking forward to AVG to protect my MAC. Quick!!!

    I would get it in a heartbeat.
    I used AVG on my PC and I recently switched to Mac. It's mos t odd to me not to have anti-virus.
  • AVG for Mac OS X

    I am relatively new to Mac. AVG Anti-Virus software would be very welcome indeed.
    I have owned and fumbled with PCs for 25 years and used AVG exclusively for the last 3 years, it is a great product. It has kept my computers safe since I started using and not 1 virus has broken through this Tiger (excuse the pun) of a program.
    Please, make it happen so the Mac community can be more secure on the web.
  • [Linux] BSD Version?

    Linux is not BSD, and BSD is not Linux. BSD is the Berkeley Systems Distribution of Unix, not Linux. Linux is an entirely new code base, not originated from BSD or System V. It is a work-alike, and as such, many of the APIs are similar, but they are not the same operating system.
  • AVG for OS X

    If you look at the AVG website under Jobs there are adverts for Mac programmers.

    I to would love AVG to release a Mac OS X version of their AntiVirus.
  • Mobile antivirus

    For internet seq.
  • Dude....

    Chill out, nobody said Linux was BSD. AVG made a version called AVG Anti-Virus for Linux/FreeBSD in one installation pack. The point was that both Linux and FreeBSD are UNIX descendant systems. So is Mac OS X which makes it easy to port AVG to.
  • AVG for Mac OSX

    The sooner AVG get a MAC version the better
  • avg

    i would love avg on my mac i got it on my p.c and it is great

    mac doesnt get virus
  • More FUD

    Macs don't need anti virus software. I wonder why it's so hard to understand,