Back to school: Must-have college gadgets

Back to school: Must-have college gadgets

Summary: For those starting college soon, what gadgets should you think about taking with you - especially if you have some extra money to burn?

TOPICS: Education

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  • UE Boom

    A decent speaker system should be in every student's arsenal, and the UE Boom is an expensive but cool-looking choice.

    The 360-degree speaker has dual performance drivers to pump out clear, vibrant sound, and passive radiators make low-frequency bass a joy to listen to (I love them, but my neighbors often aren't too happy). The casing is water and stain resistant, and the rechargeable battery keeps the speakers going for up to 15 hours. To switch songs, you can pair the speaker through a wireless or Bluetooth connection to a mobile device or PC. 

    Price: $199.99

    Via: Ultimate Ears

  • Apple MacBook Pro/Air

    Often seen in lecture halls, if you can afford the steep price tag, an Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air would be a great choice to surf the web, complete your essays or to stream media. 

    The MacBook pro, a little bulkier than its cousin the MacBook Air, is suitable for more heavy duty tasks. Coming in 13-inch or 15-inch designs -- with Retina Display if you wish -- you can customize the laptop depending on which processor you want, how much memory, and what storage solutions tickle your fancy. 

    The MacBook Air is a lighter, more portable laptop, and comes in 11 or 13-inch variants with the same specification options.

    If you buy a Mac for school, you are entitled to a $100 gift card for purchases in Apple's App Store. 

    Price: $999 - $2799

    Via: Apple

  • Student survival packages

    From a corkscrew to cutlery, an extension lead or a kettle, there are a number of student essentials that you need to take with you -- and something is usually forgotten in the process. 

    One company, Loft, has created survival packages filled with everything a student may need. A bumper pack or separate kitchen, electrical, bed & bathroom and 'survival emergency' packages can be purchased for students in the United States. 

    Price: $45 - $125


Topic: Education

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  • No1 Looked Cool

    And then I gave up due to the format.

    While I feel I'm missing out on the rest, it's not enough to make me go through the awful page changes and related disco effect.
    Little Old Man
  • Wow...

    Wow, so a $499.00 set of headphones is a back-to-school "must have"?

    College appears to have changed significantly since I was a student. Back in my day you were happy to have a cassette Walkman with the included headphones.
    • "especially if you have some extra money to burn"

      .. should read "only if you have.."

      I was thinking similarly: Excluding the 1%, most students are just getting by, and these items are cutting edge and wallet slashing. These are ALL "nice-to-have," not "must-have". Textbooks (look forward to sticker shock, kids) are must-haves.

      If you really want to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to improve your school experience in trivial ways, hire a maid to clean your room for the entire duration of your schooling. Any number of other convenience services will save time and make for more effective use of resources.
      • (edit)

        I just noticed that Miss Osborne included my concern in a separate post: See also:
  • Old tech

    "The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard shows us a glimpse of how our future keyboards has evolved -- from hardware to touchscreen -- and now projection."

    You make it sound like a good thing. I was looking at buying these when they were PDA accessories that plugged into the CF slot (remember PDAs? CF?) First, I wanted one when laptops were less ubiquitous and it would have been helpful to do some serious work on a PDA; then I was looking at is as alternative to antimicrobial keyboards for use in hospital operating rooms. The tech was more gimmick than useful, however.
    • Edit

      I meant to say "you make it sound like a new thing"
  • Must haves?

    Really? That is a wish list for those that have money to burn and expect to play more than study. I guess college is more about bling than reality. Either that or this is nothing but a well placed add for sponsors.
  • UE Boom is a Bust!

    You should know the UE Boom battery is "proprietary" and no replacement is ever going to be available. All Logitech can offer is "the product has a two year warranty". I'd will suggest for those that bought it (Got Suckered) taking it back with the 'expired' lithium battery a week before that two years is up. This is appalling. Knowing this, I will never buy a Logitech item ever.
    Pak King
  • Must have gadgets ... funny

    In the rest of the world, students use whatever limited resources available and manage to learn how to become talented programmers while watching their American cousins gang-bang each other for fun. I guess the difference between appreciating every little opportunity, and being spoiled with "must have" gadgets.