Belated launch of iPad will hardly 'make ends meet' in China

Belated launch of iPad will hardly 'make ends meet' in China

Summary: Apple needs to sell at least 100,000 new iPads in Chinese market to cover US$60 million trademark settlement fees in the territory.

TOPICS: iPad, Apple, China

Apple China has announced it will officially start selling the new generation of iPad on July 20, four months after the company introduced the tablet to the world on Mar. 16.

Local reports expect the new launch to draw less attention from Chinese consumers. 

Besides the belated launch date, as stock from overseas--particularly Hong Kong--in the market is ample while prices are way lower compared with the official pricing in Chinese Apple stores, it will unlikely grab attention from tons of consumers and scalpers queuing overnight for a piece like the past, said the reports.

The low-end Wi-Fi model of the new iPad is officially priced about US$580 in China, 14 percent higher than the US$510 sold in the black market in China, which will also enjoy official warranty in the market.

On Jan. 13 when Apple officially launched the iPhone 4S in the territory, stores in Beijing and Shanghai had to delay the release as crowds of hundreds waited outside overnight and sales were chaotic.

At the same time, Chinese reports said consumers would be less keen on the new iPad as it featured just some "minor adjustments" from the earlier version.

According to a poll by in China, nearly 75 percent or 5,400 respondents said they would not consider buying the new iPad. 

Apple, however, will need sell at lease 100,000 pieces of the new iPad to cover the US$60 million settlement fees it paid to Proview Technology for the right of the trademark in China. Apple China refused to comment on the figure.


Topics: iPad, Apple, China

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  • The population of China exceeds 1.3bn people

    and so selling 100,000 should hardly be as problem. From memory, Apple sold 3 milion of the new iPad in 3 days at the time of its release across the rest of the world. I anticipate that it well sell a substantial number is China as well.
  • Because I don't own Apple stock (although I should because it's doing well)

    I have no interest in how well Apple sells it's products in China except, as a US citizen, the tax revenue generated by Apple helps in some small way to lower our trade imbalance.

    However, I agree with Habiloso that selling just 100,000 Chinese iPad units would seem to be a "piece of cake" for Apple retail.

    I suspect that the total number of "The New iPads" sold in China in 2012 will be a number in the millions, IMO.
    • Squeeze hard

      You need to find the guy who told you that tax revenue has something to do with trade imbalance, and wring his neck.
      Robert Hahn
      • Ok Robert. So I flunked high school civics. Grin.

        But like the old saying, what's good for GM is good for the country, the new saying substitutes is similar. What's good for Apple is good for the country.

        BTW, since the US Government still owns a considerable quantity of GM stock than it really is true that what is good for GN is good for the country.
    • That "tax revenue" will never enter the US Treasury

      Unless Congress passes a[other] tax amnesty that only benefits executives.